The Subtle Review for Sutble Art of Not Giving a Fuck

subtle art

Mark Manson is my role model when it comes to writing/blogging. His style is unique: easy and simple enough to read but good enough to provoke my deep thought. He decides to write a book and I was not hesitate to try it out. And so, I find myself getting the digital copy of it since I can’t find a physical one here.

I have to say while overall it is not a good book, it is still one that we can enjoy reading again and again. The theory/idea in this book is all about “choose what to give a fuck about” which is something not really going along with the title, but it is still giving enough advices in regard to “fuckgiving”. In my own words, this book is about “prioritizing your energy” (talking about “energy”, it has become something I’m researching on lately). He offers many stories/thoughts/ideas about how people often giving too much fuck on unnecessary things or people, and focus on giving it to something more meaningful to us. He did give quite good accounts about how to identify what is the “right” thing to give about. All in all, the book can give you quite an idea of how to proceed with most situations given that you finally understand what means a lot to you and what’s not.

The book is relatively short and entertaining, give me many good references and help me to understand why I shouldn’t feel suck in most situations. In most of his case, his story is mind-blowing (I like his story about the disappointing panda). If you ever read this, open yourself for most of his stories as they will come across in a bit inappropriate. Nonetheless, I believe that many would find it as a delight.

I recommend this book not just as a part of your collection for time-passing type of reading, but a good book to have a look and then look back at our life.

Enjoy the reading