One Sky One Future and my ideas of life

I always want to enjoy all the things that I do because every little things count. When you think of a 10, you need to think aobut the 1, for without it, there would never be a 10. When you want to have a great fun, you need to appreciate all the small things that is happening, it is where you will find the biggest joy in your life. When you have a long journey, don’t expect the fun to come when you arrive at your destination, you can even enjoy things along the road, ranging from food to scenaries, people to nature.

There is always a room for those appreciations. Coming to think about our journey of life, we have gone through many places, meet many people and done many things. Yet sometimes we don’t give credit to some particular things that we ignore its value, which in truth is the catalyst of a great moment of your life. Taking in example of your graduation day, for 4 years in University, there are those days which you were superb in class, and those days when you were like an alien in the slum. But wasn’t it because of those days that make your graudation days even more meaningful? Thus you will never know whether the day you called it “a bad day” would turn to be “an awesome day” for you in the next 10 years.

In my personal experience, there are many things that I engage, from socializing to social media, from music to sport, from person to person, from place to place. I grew up playing tennis, on every weekend when I have time, I would ride 20 minutes from my home to play at the stadium. I spend up to 30 minutes hitting balls against the wall. Then I would lay on the ground enjoying the heaven Sky for some minutes, before traveling back home. I don’t need to play with anyone to keep me at tennis, all I need to do is keep hitting the ball.

Talking about music, I began to play Organ since I was in grade 4. I only could play one song at that moment. When I reached grade 12, I began my life with guitar. At that time, the only song that I could play is “អានី” which I performed during my 17th birthday to my classmates. 2 years later, I still was not a professional, but my friend invited me to perform on a stage at one university. I agreed on the basis that I would have a partner there. I played with him on that day in front of some 500 people, wearing a nervous look on my face, but my hands were doing a different job. After all, I was relief when the song was over and I returned home a normal boy.

In socializing both in real and online world, I have been involving in many causes. Started off with Cambodia Forum, I found pleasure in Online Foruming, Blogging and Social Media Networking. In Cambodia forum in particular (old one of course, the new one is, I took part in a conversation and discussion on various topic, even about politics, relationship, or other general thing. I learned a lot from this forum because I took the opportunity to explore more about the world. It was this forum where I substantially improve my English.

In blogging, I am running 3 blogs. In my personal blog ( I blogged about random things that is not considered a hot topic. In most blogs, you would find hot political or social content, but I choose to blog about a smaller but simpler thing which would be bring a different angle of life. In AseanClan blog, ( I am inspired to bring the awareness of this regional integration movement and wish to deliver a strong message to all ASEAN citizens. Last of all, my mini blog ( is where I post a picture and various topic concerning the appreciation of life.

The list is just a relavation of what we can enjoy in life. How about you? What are the things that you enjoying doing the most? Whether it is riding under the sun with your family, or visiting a beautiful garden full of flowers with your lover, or go shopping with your bestie? Life is such a gift, it gives you 24 hours per day. When you find a true pleasue in those hours, there will be a magic surrounding you, and you will never ever forget that moment. Now, what do you say?