Kampot Camping with Barcampers

I always hope that people wouldn’t confuse the concept of Barcamp as having anything to do with actual camping. However, seems like we really cannot escape this predicament.

Because eventually, our Barcamp Cambodia team set off to a journey to an actual camping. I know right?


So the whole trip is to bring together all the Barcamp Cambodia volunteers to enjoy a night out camping at a small local farm (indeed, more of a yard). We gathered at DI, where we usually meet, before kick started our journey. The team was assigned to two different buses, one exclusively for Barcamp Phnom Penh team, my team ^^ . There were 20 of us.


Our journey was going slowly, as we were travelling from places to places. Our first destination is Kep, where we would have lunch there. However, due to some miscommunication for rendezvous, we ended up in a middle of rice fields, contemplating Cambodia mountainous scenery enhanced by the gold field and blue sky. Our basic instinct teaches us to stop the car and take a selfie.​ Who care about the scorching Sun and hungry stomach?


Despite all the mischievous matters, we manage to regroup and of course, had lunch at the beach. We didnt stay for long, as our next destination looming from afar.

We then traveled a remote local elementary school, located at the foot of a mountain range not far from a local lake resort, where we had a small chat, fun and some donations. What I encountered there is quite a revelation. I never know that in some schools in Cambodia, they share two grades in one class. For example, grade 3 and 4 study at the same room, same time, by same teacher. All the teacher has to do is dividing his time for each grade. As far as I know, there are about 90 students there and only 3 teachers, studying in the morning only. I had an impression that at least the school did some good job in maintaining the spirit of learning there. I wish they would receive more help in the future.

Moving on from there, we had to go to Kampot city to board the ferry which leave at 5pm. This would be the best time to travel down the Kampot river while enjoying the refreshing view of sunset. Adding your favorite people, what else could I wish for? If you have time, I dearly recommend you to come and do the same.

To pile up on our long drawn day, the mean to reach our final destination is to traverse the remaining 1km on foot. I actually like walking, but not after sitting for hours on car and ferry. At least I have my team with me, so I can keep going. At least, at the end of the road is our camp so we have to move on and reach it. That is what I thought. The trip was not as bad as I anticipated and quite literally rewarding, though we have to do it in a much darker hour. But we finally made it to the camp. Horray. Joy. Relief. Cheer. All we think of is to damp our body with cold water and get some hot meat for our belly. After all, camping is also about eating. Nay? We spent the rest of our evening getting the best of our camping experience: eating (first on the list), dancing, eating again, searching for fireflies, and bed time stories (which always turn out to be ghost stories). I won’t ever forget the walk to search for fireflies. That night, the Moon shines graciously above us, guiding our path and bestow us a beautiful light.

The morning is as majestic as the night. The Sun doesn’t like losing to the Moon. All in all, we, the human, get to witness both great beauties in one trip. A nice reward indeed.

My morning started with a little paddling on the river. I was fast ready so I had some good amount of time to spare for this. It really worth.

We had to walk to our bus which is parked 2km from us in a pagoda and went for our breakfast. After we’re done, we headed to our last destination of the whole trip, which is the Ta Da Waterfall. It is quite a newly opened public resort which is still under heavy construction and renovation. A big note is that there is a dam nearby, but it isn’t what we are going for. You can drive your car all the way up and only need to walk a file more meters to reach the waterfall. For our team, we decided to walk. I want to savor the breathtaking view of the area more.



Though tiring and spent, it was another unforgettable trip for me. I’m happy to be with these amazing people whom I have been working with up to 3 years. We are still young and our time for each other is short but we did go on an amazing trip together. I feel blessed and happy until the very end.


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