Shiragiku (Fatal Frame V: Maiden of the Black Water)

Shiragiku ~From Fatal Frame V (Maiden of the Black Water)

“I’m not like the others, I cannot die. But at last, I feel the end coming. I’m so glad that you came. I really am. I got to see you one last time. Now… I want you to forget me. Forget all about me. I want to see something beautiful before I go.”
Here is a brief of her story:

For unknown reason (well, enlighten me), she is destined to live no longer than age 7. Therefore, she was chosen as a sacrifice for a local ritual at some mountains in Japan. Throughout her childhood, she struggled to make friend since she is very “different” from others (born with white hair and red eyes). However, before the ritual took place, she finally made friend with a boy from nearby shrine (is he?), and she decided to make him her future partner (i.e. husband through another ritual called “marriage with the dead”) which also mean he will be the one to kill her .. Unfortunately, as time passed, the boy loses his memory and forgot their promise, leaving her spirit to roam around her shrine (now abandoned) and haunt other people by dragging them into the game of hide and seek. If you lose to her, you will be spirited away (meaning you die).

Her story is very tragic. But if you play the game, you have the chance to end her misery by choosing to go see her (there will be two possible endings, either way, it will lead to her finally being able to rest in peace and … happy).

Btw… this post is mainly to collect and illustrate all the gif files dedicated to her. I credit these images to the original and respective owners and makers (sorry for not being able to accurately and appropriately refer to them).




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