All you need to know about Barcamp Phnom Penh 2015


Barcamp Phnom Penh 2015

It is coming. Barcamp Phnom Penh is coming. This October 24-25th, the stage is set at ITC (Sala Techno). This article will articulate you through the event, their volunteer team and how to get a beautiful T-Shirt. 🙂

Barcamp Phnom Penh is an enormous event in Cambodia. It brings tech geeks, gurus, students, entrepreneur mind, business mind… meet them all at this two-day event and take away precious knowledge and experience. Immerse yourself in this ever-growing community, engage in productive conversations and socialize with like-minds.

Event's Info

This is the 8th time we have such an amazing event in this city. Cambodia is a young entry to the tech world, compare to our neighbors, but we do offer ideas and resources necessary to set this country as one of the next destination of tech journey.

Compare to other regional Barcamp, Barcamp Phnom Penh develops its own model. While traditional Barcamp focuses on Tech, Barcamp PP expands its boundary to include Art, Business and Career Development as available topic themes at the event. The main theme for this year is “ASEAN 2015 Integration”. We would love to hear, attend, and participate in sessions which guide us to better understanding and insight about our region’s future.

The volunteer team for this year’s event comprises of many young passionate, energetic and exciting faces. They are the team of both high schooler and university students, with or without prior experience, tech and non-tech people. This is a very diversified team coming together for this event.

Team 2015

They will meet, train and prepare in at least 4 times. The volunteer team put a great emphasis on team building and event preparation as this two-day event holds huge significance for the society. That is what the whole team believes.

Team in training

I personally can’t wait to see them in action. I have taught them more than just volunteer stuff, but something I believe will greatly benefit them as both individual and team capacity. I will surely work hard to train them and looking forward to work with them in real situation.

Ready to go?


You can check who are in the squad here:

Our event is not without the iconic T-Shirt. This year we have the design different from last year as we included two colors. It is still in design stage, but we can have a look at its current design.

Barcamp PP TShirt

Grab your chance to get this beautiful T-Shirt (isn’t it)? Simply follow this instruction:

– Go to this link:
– Sign up for the ticket (This is your ticket for the event. The Event is opened for all, which mean you can participate without the ticket, but…).
– Print it
– ON EVENT DATE: bring the ticket. Please come as fast as the opening period, as the number of T-Shirt is limited.
– Queue and get your ticket scanned. You will be given the T-Shirt Ticket.
– Come at instructed time to get your T-Shirt. It is not too hard to get it.


You can also get this T-Shirt by becoming the event’s speaker:
– Think of a topic
– Post your topic on the Topic Board
– Run the session at your given schedule
As speaker, you will get your T-Shirt as thanks from the Barcamp Cambodia team.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the event’s link now. It is now or never. Just Do It.

More info:


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