Review – Why Nation Fail

Review – Why Nation Fail – Daron Acemogly & James A. Robinson

Why Nation Fail

If you’re a citizen of poor country, this is a good book to read. If you’re a citizen of a rich country, this is also a good book to read. Overall, it is a good book.

What makes a good book, if not great? For me, it is simply down to how easily I can remember its core plot or concept, even having to read through 400 pages or mere 100 pages. Why Nation Fail (WNF) captures this very quality. I came across different names, places, kingdoms, political parties, political institutions, states… yet I didn’t feel dizzy or lost or confused. The book takes a reasonable pace to introduce you to important figure which tied with its central plot that is simple yet prevailing central theory, which make my reading flow a smooth and painless process. The book also doesn’t require you to be any historical expert to read this even though it will go through alot of history. That is why I feel that this book can be a great companion or addition to your bucket/reading list.

It is a great book, in conclusion, because it explains how one country became rich or poor. The fundamental focus is on its two but highly crucial institutions: political and economic. Having spent time reading this, it opens my eyes to many sad truth yet optimistic view on the world of tomorrow. There are important lessons learned, and it puts me in the position to think that there is still hope for prosperity.

Enjoy your reading.

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