Looking forward to serve children at the orphanage again soon

Co.Author by Pich Siv

It has been six months into this new year and I’ve been thinking about doing a little thing for my society. This week I have discussed with my ratchet friend, Mr. Pich about the possibility of organizing a one-day service to an orphanage. As usual, our orphanage of choice is “Lighthouse Orphanage” in Chba Ompov district. We have been asking lots of simple and small questions, but its funny, and at the same time, intriguing how small projects like this led to the very fundamental questions such as, what is our vision for the project? Why do you want to do this? How would our small cause contribute to the society and how will we impact it in the future? We believe that small bit of simple wisdom coming from such basic questions is indeed very profound and important. We came up with a few things in mind though. First of all, our vision is to produce a small moment of kindness to people who need it the most. We believe that we don’t have to be rich, or big organization to organize this type of charity. We can start from here and now, we might be small but we are driven by our own passions. To realize our first vision, our first step is to do it, pay a visit to the orphanage and do a random act of kindness. Last year we served food to the kids while this year we plan to do the same. Our next step is to try, as hard as we can, to get more people involved in our activities. We believe that we cannot do this alone, and hopefully when more people join, our cause will get better. Our next step is to improve the quality of time we spend at the orphanage. We don’t consider delivering “donations” to orphanage as our main and only activities. We wish to spend time to make these kids happy and grow hopes in them, because when these kids are happy, it makes us happy too. This year we will create more beautiful games and also have a good prizes for the winners. We are looking forward to this event. We haven’t set the date yet but it might come as soon as August. 


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