Stand Up

I’ve been beaten!!! I’ve been brought down!!! I’ve been laying on the ground!!!

Someone has undervalued me, someone has underestimated me. They thought I don’t deserve them, nor that all my achievements impress them. What I have done is not enough for them. They don’t like the things that I’ve got. They don’t know who am I and what am I going to be? They just don’t care…

I believe that these things would have sometimes pop up into your mind once in a while, or at some critical times. We often come across people who ignore our values. Specially someone who we expect alot from. Someone we ourselves give alot to. Someone we love, someone we care, someone we share our dreams with. Sometimes its a plain failure, you couldn’t manage to convince the school to accept you, or to provide you scholarship program. Sometimes its a failure to manage yourself to meet your own expectation. Could be anything, any form of failures.

You will be asking alot of questions to yourself: “How much more do I need to go?” or “What is it that they really want?” “Had I not given them enough?” “Had I done enough?” “Am I that useless?” “hopeless?” the list goes on…

But is it really so?…

Coming to think of it, have you ever noticed that in the end, you moved on?

Of course we move on…

Because the moment you failed, the time didn’t stop. It tickers, tick tick tick…

Time is a marvelous thing. It never stops. Why not us? and why us? Everyone got their dreams, and their future goal. It is each second that ticks which matter the most. Why take into account of what others think of us? Where have all the spirit gone? To the end of the world? There is no end of the world!!! But there is an end to your dream, if you abandon it because of a single failure.

I believe everyone got something dear that they hold on to. This thing is the source of energy which keeps you going, no matter what. Why should we give up? Why we?

Stand Up!!! Stand up like a man!!! Stand up because no one will stand up for you unless you stand up for yourself. Stand up because if you don’t then you won’t. Stand up because time will tell why you still can stand when you have fallen down so many times. Stand up so that you can prove people are wrong about you. Stand up because you do can…

Stand up like him!!!

Picture taken from Bong Samady’s G+ profile 😀


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