Kissing her Happy New Year

“What would be the best thing to do for the upcoming New Year? I don’t know… I really don’t know. I may want to ask my mom. Yeah! Maybe she knows.” This is what’s on my mind when I was riding back home at the starry night. My village is already half silent when I start unlocking my main door. I carefully place my motorbike in a safe zone and proceeded upstairs. Its half past 10, and the sky is already dark. I could not have clear vision of the room, but I dare not turn on the light. Before I reached my bedroom, I decided to paid a visit to my mom. I slowly opened the door and walked softly. The room is quiet and the little blue lamp is shining near the front path, making her bed visible to my eyes. She is sleeping soundly, as if the world has nothing to do with her. I was thinking of waking her up and had her answer my question but my consceince told me not to. But then my hand reached out, not to tab her but to raise her blanket so that she could feel warmer. I standed by the window looking at the shining luna light emitting from the lovely moon. In the midst of the night, when all the star started sparkling happily, the mighty moon stole the show. A wind blew throught the window, bringing along a scent of happiness. I could feel it… my mom has already told me what to do. I returned to her bed, lower my head and kiss her good night. Out of love, I wish her Happy New Year.


For those who haven’t done so, let’s give this special Happy New Year kiss to someone so dear to you.


30 December 2010


P.S: Happy New Year… New Year is actually last 1 second, but in this 1 second many things will change. Let it change to happiness, success, joy, smile, laughter, excitement, health, unity, bond, affection, affirmation, blessing, fortune, love, life… let away the sorrow, pain, remorse, regret, negation, neglection, tears, curse, sadness, hunger, vengence, horror, terror, fear… 2011 should be a year of greatness.


With Friendship, True Love and Brotherhood


Chhaly Samsokrith


2 thoughts on “Kissing her Happy New Year

  1. I think some parts are rather wordy and it’s more like you’re trying to write a novel instead of something personal but it’s one of the best pieces I’ve read in a while 😀

  2. Thanks alot Tom… actually, I’m trying to get the reader’s emotion into the time interval of the New Year… because like what I posted in the PS… it only lasted a second to change what happened a whole year… this is a very exciting.

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