With friendship, true love and brotherhood

To begin, this is nothing. This is just a simple thinking of a normal boy in the down-to-earth society. This is not a university concept or global standard. This is a wish, a dream, and a goal of one particular soul. But this soul always seek the open arms and mind so that it can feel the warmth of the mother earth. Now, mother earth has produced many other souls, and they are holding different essence, so how would this soul be able to connect itself to other lifeform?

However, as if it may ends it journey on this plane, our lone soul decides to make the last gamble. It project itself with the lifestream energy and concentrate itself into becoming a new lifeform. This lifeform is filled with hope and strength, and it starts moving around once again with the same wish of communicating. By the light of the goddess guidance, it had found the most fundamental principle. The principle has 3 significant essense: friendship, true love and brotherhood. What are they? Why them?

Our first essence who appears as an important role is friendship. Friendship is a bond between two people who at least share the same belief, interests, personality and goal. It begins with a simple encounter, which then become a life-changing event. Because once the friendship starts, it means you will begin to share and care. Friends often exchange story, property and mentality. Thus it is a matter of trust which is needed much here, because if we don’t trust one another, we will be just people who know each other by names, but not by any deeper means. Friendship is a tool to produce further relation with the society, which then, require understanding. It is another important value to hold if you wish to maintain the relation life span. And the last vital core of friendship is in respect. Even you are friends, you sometimes need to respect the privacy of your counterpart. Here, Friendship is your primary source of social status.

The next essence who will come into play is Love. Love being the improved version of Friendship, has many distinguished characterisitc from the latter. Even thought it requires what it takes to form a friendship, to form a love, but love is a demanding thing, will at the same time, surrendering things in return. Here, devotion is what it takes to worship true love and lovers who lacks devotion would result in separation. The next deal is passion. Passion is the driver of all the sources necessary to prolong the lifetime of True Love. It is due to the fact that passion owns its nature to desire, as people who have passion, means those who have an undying desire to do something. Love also have one last key element, and it is destiny. As if it is writen, for one soul to solely attach with the other one is merely a question of choice. It could form a bond with the other one, but why it choose this certain partner? It is obvious that it is the destiny which make love comes into existance. Therefore, one thing that every soul long for is Love.

Now, we would arrived at the last essense, which is Brotherhood. This is either a evolved friendship or unspeakable love, but all in all, it is one of the greatest and most powerful bond. Because with it, each part would die for one another. The bond is so tought that a combined force of its supra-part may bring down a mountain, and exhaust the sea. To consider, the reason for this godlike strenght is due to “Unity” that Brotherhood provide, a feat that unleash a concentrated power of a group of people who will stands together and fight as one. And one more thing that make Brotherhood even more unbreakable is “Commonsense”. The reason behind this is that, because of it, one part will see the other one as an equal. If one failed, the other one will move on and continue the legacy of the fallen. Lastly, “dedication” is considered to be the origin of this bond’s power. As brothers encountered troubles, altogether, they will work their way to solve it as each of them do the work not only for their own greed, but to the need of the whole group. Thus, brotherhood is one of the main type of relationship there is.

So, at world’s end, the wandering soul has met the answer it has been seeking, and as it nearly reaches its demise, the soul has found its own peace. Because it understands all kinds of relationship, and how important they are. The knowledge tells the soul that its dream has come to an end, and now it should rest and shall smile forever. The soul agrees with this concept and follow its path to a happy ending.


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