Tales of the 4 skills

Once upon a time, there is a language, born from a mere tribe of people on earth, and was being used solely by the creator. The purpose of it was meant for communication. But as time passed by, this lovely language has developed itself into an international language that is now spoken by nearly everyone on earth. Her name is English.

Surely, English is the most popular and used language in global communication. Every human on this planet knows even bit of her majestic dialectal, and everyone want to master it. This have give earth of countless wonders of how to achieve the core knowledge of her 4 main essences: writing, speaking, listening, and reading, at the commanding level. It has become a journay, a race, a challange, an advanture, a dream, a goal, a story, tears, laughter, anything you can name… while these remains a great mysteries, with the openness of people who love to share the knowledge, we will be able to unveil the secret behind this. So let’s start looking deep into those 4 skills.

First of all, we can divide the 4 skills into two main category, the active and passive skills. The active skills, those who directly come from our own space of execution, are writing and speaking, while reading and listening are considerd as the passive skills due to their indirect nature in English practice. We will begin with passive skills. Reading and listening are the skills that we are actually, on the receving side. Because we read from the text and listen from the speech of someone’s else, that is why it is a passive being. The essential sub-skills that you would earn from these two skills would be “word range”, “vocabulary knowledge” and “general knowledge”. Word Range concerns you ability to use many words, with the same meaning, in one context. As like when you are trying to describe a bus, you may need to refer it to “a large vehicle” “public transportation” or “civic carriage” as actually, these words refer to the same thing, “bus”. Because when you read, you will encounter lots of reference words, thus, you will be able to benefit this to your overall skills. “Vocabulary knowledge”  is different from “Word Range”. While “Word Range” focus on using different words for the same thing, “Vocabulary knowledge” are for different things.Tea is harmonizer drink, coffee is an energized beverage, and water is the elixir of life. In these sentences, we can see that words were used to differentiate the 3 type of drinks, thus this is the skill of “Vocabulary Knowledge”. “General Knowledge” in general, is general thing that you generally know. Frankly speaking, the more you know, the more you are familiar with a certain topic. Say if we talk about love, we know what the word “sweetheart” refers to. So, from Reading and Listening, you will be able to master these 3 sub-skills.

In order to improve our ability on these two skills, the principal advice would be an on-going practice. Day-to-day basis would be required, as you need to read and listen to a possible wide range of topics. Newspaper, reserach papers, documents, magazines, books, letters, are the resource for these, whereas TV, Radio, online podcast, DVD are the sources for listening practiciing. One good tip is that, you need not to memorize what you read, or what you hear, just get the most important things that you want to know and that’s all. Passive things are for taking, not granting.

Cos if you want to grant, it must be from your active skills: Speaking and Writing. In these skills, its all come to the “power” you will unleash upon. Because this is your pure creation, your original idea and your utmost effort. P.S: You will need all the skills from the passive skills in order to master these two skills.The key terms for them is “express”. Yes, we will need to express everything that we have. But do not forget to follow the rules and ethics, structures and grammar control, and cohesion and coherence. The other key terms is “purpose”, knowing the reason you are expressing. It will motivate you, and your message will become motivating. Motivation is the essense of message because it can turn the tide of the conversation, from losing to winning ground, from lower or upper hand, from disadvantage to advantage, from dog to god. The last but the most important key terms for this skill is “belief”. You need to believe in what you say, because this will make your speech, your writing really represent you. It will give more “power” to your words and this will lead to the ultimate victory.

In order to do so, again, you’ll need to practice. And from the 3 key terms, you should start writing and speaking as much as you can and try to have people correct you and give you valuable feedbacks. It is imperative for everyone who want to pursuit advance English level to try as hard as possible. You need to believe in what you write and speak, as like what I’m writing here.

With these small advices, you shall begin your quest to unravel the mystery of this internation language. Only those who can prove their worth that they will be granted the most sacred reward, and it is the language itself.

Writen by Samsokrith Chhaly

Dedicated to Yim Rodel in special and all other PS Group members and those I know and wish for their best in their English pursuit.

We stand as a team, we fight as a team. We are the Power Six Group

With friendship, true love and brotherhood


2 thoughts on “Tales of the 4 skills

  1. ម៉េច​មិន​សរសេរ​ជា​ខ្មែរ? ព្រោះ​អត្ថបទ​នេះ ជា​ភាសា​អង់​គ្លេស​មាន​ច្រើន​ហើយ!

    1. សួស្តីឌីយ៉ា នេះជាអត្ថបទ ដែលខ្ញុំទាញចូលពីប្លុកដើមរបស់ខ្ញុំទេ មើលទៅដូចជាច្របូលច្របល់បនិ្តចហើយ ។ សូមអរគុណដែលបានចូលមកកាន់ប្លុករបស់ខ្ញុំ

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