Dream and honors

Other than intelligence, wealth, passion, and knowledge, what sets a person for “greatness”?

“Embrace your dream, if you want to be a hero, you’ll need to have dreams”. This is what I heard from a CGI cutscene of one video game ending. One person might have intelligence, wealth, passion and knowledge, but what make a person greater is Dream and honor. Dream is what drive you forward while honor is the source of the energy to do the job. These two combines make you walk toward the dark future with great belief, and will inspire you to success in things you do. Thus, in my opinion, dream and honor is what sets a person for “greatness”

To begin, it is believed that every human who is breathing has a dream. Deep inside their heart, there is a endless desire to become or do something dear to their life. As human has feeling, it is natural to strive to accomplish what you have dream of. A boy who wish to become a racer will start running with all his might, while a girl who wish to be a teacher will start reading a book and practicing her speech. Actions will act out of their heart and it will lead them closer to their dream. With dream, people feel more confident in what they are doing. After they grow up, the boy and the girl will be starting their education in their targeted institution which they consider to be the house of knowledge necessary for their career pursuit. They will be studying with efforts and energy, knowing no rest and pause, for that they will be able to become what they dream of. And it is so true that dream is a force that drive people toward their goal.

While dream is the drive, Honor is the source. Throughout our life, we will achieve things in terms of certificate or medals. But one thing that is considered greater to all is an honor. You may be the best student, but if you have no honor, you are just another student. An honor is what lift you to the higher level. My friend Monirath Siv does not only received awards and he is honored by many people and organization alike. Even the teacher once preached him also has to share a say about his achievement. Imagine a guy who is so loved by his brilliant, what will he think? Of course, he would want to continue and dedicate all his works for others. Honor thus is the origin of our energy to fulfill our task.

In the end, even we can say that human are bound to have intelligence, wealth, passion, and knowledge, but we must not ignore the importance of Dream and Honor. Without them, a person will be just like a car without fuel and gear, you cannot move nor you have no power to move. We should embrace our dream and honor so that we can be a great person in the page of history.


Academic Rock Star Week 7 Topic 4 “intelligence, wealth, passion, and knowledge,”

Written by Chhaly Samsokrith

23 October 2010


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