Listen to my story

I left my classroom and walked toward my motorbikes. As everything was ready, I set off on my journey to return home. I stopped by a gas station to buy some little food and drink. I traveled along to road where light and sound singing around. It was 9 pm and I was all alone. It was like 4 years ago, when I started my studying at RUPP.

But this is my Master Degree course. Some kinds of feeling are telling me that this is gonna be different. I hope it is different. I choose to take this course because I believe it would make me a different person, a better, stronger and more powerful man. I need improvement, and I need changes. My future is in my hand so I must not be ignorant and arrogant. I must be myself.

I want it to be part of my best time of my life. If I am to be a leader, I need to lead my own life, successfully. I want to believe in myself again, and this time forever. There is nothing that can stop me if I hold my dream in my hand, firmly.

Thus here I am, wandering the night space and time in order to pursue the path of my dream.

“If you are ready, the teacher will appear.
And if you are finally ready, the teacher will disappear.”


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