Dream Record (#1)

I decided to write a record on note on what I dreamed, because last night, I had a very emotional one.

It was some kinds of bring-back memory dreaming, because I dreamed that I returned to visit my High School, and surprisingly I found lots of my high school friends in their uniform. I traveled around and got to see lots of them in different classes. Its quite funny because they were all studying when most of them had graduated from University.

I finally got to speak to one of my friend, and asked him why everyone’s here. He said that because during the final examination, they did poor, like they got Band "E, D or C" for their grade and now they wanted to retake the test so that they can get higher scored. I was like, isn’t it better to find a job?

Anyway, I left school and traveled more, and I arrived at this hotel. It was dark and something very suspicious about that. I entered the hotel, into its restaurant and saw some guests sitting with sad face. I rushed out and look upward to see one of its tower under fire. But they didn’t call the firefighter, cos they were fighting fire themselves, and it was funny cos they managed to do that when it was a large blaze of fire. But everything is possible in dream.

After that I woke up, wondering. It reminds me of my party plan. Better carefully thinking.


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