May and June

These days the whether is too hot and burning. Even sitting at home cannot help anything because of the heat.
I only hope that rain will start pouring regularly soon because this whether could kill me anytime. And because of this, I could not go anywhere due to my health problem with heat changing.
However, another hope is that some of my friends will retrun from US to visit us this May and June. It is a great time for friend re-union. We plan to have a big party and many other things. This time around, it would be the best because this could be our last time. We are growing older now and in the next few years, we may marry and have children. Thus, we are kids no longer, we are man capable of serviing our country. That is why we will spend time together to the best.
The party will be in June, and we want to make it the biggest party ever. News of our friends getting married has made us feel anxious about our future, but maybe nothing will forestall our seacrch of happiness. That is why May and June could be a great turning point for everyone. Its in the middle of the year and we can have time re-call what happens early on and try to make a change for good.
I can’t wait for that date to come… wish I could have fun with my friends.

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