It’s worth a try

Yes, it’s worth a try. Everyday you will come across some pieces of work or story, and you will decide whether you’ll get yourself involve or not… but I will always suggest that we should give it a shot. Some day, when we look back at those days, we will be grateful and thankful.

It is not something that I recommend or suggest out of nothing, being supports or guidance. Of course, it is crucial sometimes that we make big decision and that big decision comes big responsibility and personality, but then, who are we? Where are we? why are we here? And where we wanna be? I always ask this question when I make some big decisions, and it does pay-off.

Recently, I have been invited to do a presentation at Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center during her 5th anniversary, and my program is scheduled for the exchange program with students from Nihon Fukushi University. I was really pleased to participate in such event, even though I have 4 assignments to lead (as a team leader) and also 2-month preparation for the Final Examination (Final of the final year), I still decide to do it. For me, it is a great opportunity to express more of myself and to bring up what I have learned and gained from my earlier experience. Althought the program only lasted 3 hours, I spent 3 weeks for preparation and I did ignore some of the school works and responsibilities. Those Japanese students turned out to be a very friendly and dedicative people. They are in their 1st year of English study program and I could say that they have the courage to stand out and meet the world expectation with both their strong academic background and influential cultural and national pride of Japanese people. They did well and they really welcome our presentations and hospitality. I was so happy and for one thing I would remember this day for the rest of my life. It is such a great experience.

Somehow, it is related to our decision and preference. Some people would choose to pass this opportunity as they have to deal with the mounting school works and results. But whatever we do, as long as we put our heart into it, then it will be extreme meaningful and fruitful. I should have mentioned about my application for a scholarship at one University in Japan and the knowledge I have attained during the process, it was such a good result already. We do it and we must appreciate what we have done, otherwise we will lose in our own faith.

Wherever we go, we will have to face the reality and we will be called into decided which road to walk in. It’s not hard at all, all you have to do is listen to your heart. Listen carefully, don’t make any trivial supposition or assumption, until you finally understand what your heart said.

In the end, there is nothing on earth that has no value. It has. The question lies in our eyes, how do we see it? How do we project its abstract value? And if in the end you choose to do something, be happy that it’s worth a try.

6 thoughts on “It’s worth a try

  1. Don’t forget! Everytime and everywhere you go, you should take with you: polilitics, economics, education, health, and security.

    And also asks yourself: Who?, Where?, When?, How? and Why?

    1. Well, I’m fine but like I said, I am very busy at the moment.

      Now I’m thinking about what to do after graduation… I am looking forward for an opportunity to study abroad as well.

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