7.0 for my IELTS

Listening: 7.0
Reading : 7.5
Writing : 6.5

Overall : 7.0

The score highly indicates my ability. Well! I’m writing this note to evaluate my performance during the test.

As far as I’m concerned, my writing should have scored more points. Because I feel that I have more potential in there, but maybe I really need to do something in order to concentrate all my skills into perfectly effective techniques and methods for writing. The type of essay that I wrote in the test was “Cause and effect…” I reckoned that I might not be so familiar with this type, so I think that should be the main reason I score quite low for Writing.

My Speaking on the other hand, is exceeding my expectation. Providing that I’m not living in a English-speaking environment nor has been involve in any project which requires heavy input of English speaking ability before, to score 6.5 is such a great indication of how I could develop my own style of speaking. My topic during my speaking test was “a speech that inspired you” well, I talked about Obama’s, I could recalled some mistakes and how “unorganized” my speaking were… so 6.5 is acceptable for me.

For Listening, 7.0 is quite a questionable result. I do feel that I have not made any “big” mistakes, but the score indicates that I at least made more than 5 mistakes. Hmm, maybe I should pay more attention, hasten my decision and tighten my control next time for Listening. This is the most difficult skill to handle actually, because you can only listen and anticipate the answer, not something you can make out of your own.

I received 7.5 for reading, again… I feel that I overcome a lot of weaknesses in my reading and this score clearly show that I really did. But I do think that I should have done even better because I have been reading lots of books and articles… but maybe, these factors are not firmly related to the skills required for the test.

Overall, this result is quite an acceptable for me, even though I feel that I could have done better, I do accept this score wholeheartedly. I don’t want to make excuse much for this, but I have only 3 weeks to prepare for the test, while there are in-demand tasks to be done as well. I have shared sometimes for my Japanese studying and also my other works. So, next time, I will get a proper preparation, an appropriate approach and an effective effort. I will modify my plan in order to achieve higher.

I aimed for all-7 in the next exam, which may come next two years. I should set my goal from today, because I will still need this certificate for the next 10 years. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “7.0 for my IELTS

  1. αž’αž”αž’αžšαžŸαžΆαž‘αžšαž•αž„αž”αž„ πŸ˜€

    1. αž’αžšαž‚αž»αžŽ αžœαž»αžŒαŸ’αžαžΈ αŸ”


      1. αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†αž’αžαŸ‹αž‘αžΆαž“αŸ‹αž αŸŠαžΆαž“αž”αŸ’αžšαž‘αž„αž‘αŸ αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ„αŸ‡αžαžΆαž’αž„αŸ‹αž‚αŸ’αž›αŸαžŸαž“αŸ…αž˜αžΆαž“αž€αŸ†αžšαž·αžαž“αŸ…αž‘αžΎαž™ αž…αžΉαž„αž…αžΆαŸ†αž’αŸ„αž™αžœαžΆαžšαžΉαž„αž˜αžΆαŸ†αžŸαž·αž“ αžŸαžΉαž˜αž”αŸ’αžšαž‘αž„ αž–αŸ’αžšαŸ„αŸ‡αž”αŸ’αžšαž›αž„αž“αŸ…αžŸαŸ’αžšαž»αž€αžŸαŸ€αž˜αž“αŸαŸ‡αžšαŸ€αž„αžαŸ’αž›αŸƒαžŠαŸ‚αžš αž‚αžΊ ៦៧០០ αž”αžΆαž

    1. αž”αžΆαž‘ αžαŸ’αž‰αž»αŸ†αž€αŸ†αž–αž»αž„αžšαŸ€αž“αž“αŸ…αžŸαŸ’αžšαž»αž€αžαŸƒ

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