Birthday Speech 09

This year I’m 22… is it such a nice number? What about all the times during my 21st?

If I have to make comments about my 21st, there would be mixed reactions.

First of all, this year was a great turning point in my life. I can feel my inner side grows and thirst for more. There have been many stories, some of those should have not happened, but in the end, we have to accept the truth. This year, I nearly made a fool of myself twice. And twice that my risky gambling resulted in some fruitful responses. I think I should make a point of having to realize more responsibilities, and I sometimes happened not to be ready for them, or I just primarily ignore them. It has been a year full of joys and sorrows, laughter and tear, strong and weak feeling, pride and frustration.

However, there have been five major events:
– The New House
– The start of my Japanese class
– And my educational achievement

After living in “my” old house for 10 years, the dream has ended. I moved to a new house with a new life. I sometimes went to sleep thinking that I was still at my old room, the room full of fantasies, stories and selves. I have to live in a new environment, meet new neighbors and adapt a new code of living. But, I also find happiness there at my new house as well, and I’m beginning to love it.

Yes of course, it has been a lifelong dream to study Japanese, and I could not say anything more when I was given a chance to. At CJCC, I found new people, and new ways, new hopes and new looks, new sets of rules and new determinations. There, I nurture and re-live my ambition, dream and plan. Nothing could not make me worried when I stay there. I think more opportunities would come.

Lastly, my education has developed into a new stage now, as I passed my BA and now get ready for Master Degree. It means two things, one is that now I am ready to face working and social environment challenges and two is that I still need to learn more and get ready. Of course, when it comes to this, a PLAN is all I need.

Now, this year has given me so much lessons, so much concepts and so much thoughts. I wish I could used those times to build a stronger, better and more powerful future. For I am Samsokrith, I dare to dream, I live to believe and I fight for my nation, family and friends.

Next year, I want to further improve my own-self and create a strong root for the far future.

With friendship, true love and brotherhood


One thought on “Birthday Speech 09

  1. You go ahead of me hay. 22th. 2+2=4. Not a good one as in Feng Sui, number 4 is not good one. I don’t like then. lolzz

    Oh, btw, I thought you PLAN to get married, Pu!

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