Practicing Writing

Topic: In learning, self-discipline and motivation are more important than resources and teachers.

To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement?


To achieve educational goal, students base themselves on two factors which are the internal and external. It is believed that being self-disciplined and motivated are more essential than having resources and teachers. I partly agree with that because in spite of the fact that internal strength produces energy to attain goals, people still depend on outside source of knowledge to guide them.

To start, self-discipline and motivation are the source of infinite energy necessary for accomplishment of tasks. People are born with desire and to make it attainable, one has to set up a right mind and correct methods. The internal factors would help fuel the determination to achieve those. At school, we share the same teachers, books, and educational systems. But it is our self-motivation which makes the difference. In actual history, Lenin of Russia (Soviet at his time) studied as external student but was able to obtain his university degree even without the help of teachers and the likes. Thus, self-discipline and motivation can provide us the strength to carry on our education regardless the difficulties and adversities.

However, even though self-determination has great effect on one’s performance, one still need to rely on outside sources to assist one’s quest of education. It is undeniable that everyone needs guidance and only the light of teachers and books can deliver this service. Teachers may use their years of experience to enlighten us while we rely on books due to its being the result of mass collection of studies and results. In summary, it is guilty to ignore the importance of external factors.

In conclusion, we will need both factors as self-discipline and motivation causes our determination to soar whereas resources and teachers help shape our quest. As for my personal view, I believe that internal factors are more vital than external factors.


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