Random Talks

I supposed to write this in Khmer, but as the IELTS test is getting nearer, I think I need to write it in English. It could help me sometimes.

For me, this period of time is the best for me. The cold whether enables me to think alot because when you are in the cold windy environment, you inhale sufficient oxygen to help generates energy for your brain. The having low temperature makes you feel quite comfort, compare to the hot atmosphere.

Rite now, the IELTS test is the biggest mission I have. But there is actually a bigger mission for me, is to get out of here. To be honest, I really feel I want to get a scholarship to study abroad at this moment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to study in this country. The point is, since I’m a lone child, I need a secure future. To be secured, I need to master my education to the point I can rely on myself to build my own future. I mean sometimes we will have to work for other people, but if we can make our own business, then we could progress even further providing that we have the required resources and skills. And going abroad will give me more opportunity to learn more about life as rite now, I have real knowledge about it at all. The world is so huge and we are just small part of it. But I won’t be this small forever, I want to become big.

Everyone has their own dream and I have mine also. I just want a good, bright and secure future. I only have myself to rely in this issue. I wish I could have blood brothers and sisters so that I can assign them some tasks on behalf of me, because at the moment, I am filled with many large responsibilities. But as long as it is part of life, I wouldn’t mind much. I will always move on and carry out my duty.

Today, me teacher at ACE tested my writing skills and I could realize some slight mistakes in grammar and vocabularies, I deem to overcome them. My main concern is the speaking test in which I lacks basic practical approach for it. My mind could be responsive, but not my mouth. Lately, I’ve been talking to myself alot, its like a crazy person. But that is part of my plan also.

I think I have become more dependent on “plan.” Before I do something, I always write a plan for it. Its like to follow the rules and relegation set up by myself. But I think it is important as planning is the main basic of leadership skill, and planning comes first before other basics. My plan now is to avoid repeating the same and small mistakes and try my best to control the big mistakes. As for reading and listening, I have been reading articles on Microsoft student and listen to TV news programs respectively and daily to gain more adaptability.

It should be the hardest mission so far in my life, because for the next 60 days, I will have non-stop duties and works under my responsibility. And not to mention my studying at RUPP. I wish thing would ends in a fashionable way so that I could look back at them with a smile. Talking about this made me remembered my old times at high school, that was my best time of my life. I could not forget any moments of that. I really enjoyed being with my high-school friends and class as well as teachers and school. We have made many histories and altogether, we have formed an unbreakable friendship.

I just feel like I want to write as much as I can tonight. It sounds funny, long and useless to others, but if this writing could make me happy, then I will continue it. Looking back at the past and to the future make me feel different. It likes to compare two major events but in the end, the best answer is to care more about our present. I have this quote from Kung Fu Panda “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it a present.” It is so Maoism to me, because Maoism teaches us “the way” of life and that we must appreciate the thing we have right now rather then yearning for more. I partly agree, because sometimes people are born with beautiful eyes or not, but in the end, we must accept this. But nowaday, with the advancement in technology, people can change their body features like changing cloth, ignoring the fact that this action can have a backfire.

Anyway, I shall end my random writing now… otherwise people would feel lost reading this.

Thanks for reading and have a good luck.


13 thoughts on “Random Talks

  1. I wonder why there weren’t any comments on this post. Maybe they are lazy to read, because it’s a very long English writing. Honestly, I don’t want to read this very long text also, but my IELTS test is coming nearer and I realize that my English is still poor, so I decide to read it lazily. haha…. Joking te… 😀
    Focus on English, you have done a bravo. IELTS 7.0 is not easy to get for some people, especially me. However, I still strive for it, at least I could get 6.0. (It’s just an imagination not a judgment)
    Anyway, I need advices from you about writing. My writing is poor and I always have problems with sentence structure and style. One day, my ACE teacher told me after she had corrected my essay; “Kanha, your conclusion is weak”. Speechless, I had nothing to say back to her, but cried when I went back home. 😥

  2. He is sleeping now. Feel sleepy than I do. Last night, he played with insects, which I hate so much. 😦
    Anyway, I’m practicing listening and reading now. Let’s see how much I get, today.

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