My trip to Koh Kong

A Land dubbed as the next Hong Kong

This article is about my trip and my impression over this land. I actually travelled to its city, Koh Kong city, but have reached some destinations along the road there. What I can tell about this land is that it has both potential for tourism and industrial revolution.

The journey to Koh Kong was quite a long one, if you prefer to drive in a reasonable speed to enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding there. It took me 5 and a half hours to reach Koh Kong city. The road was in good condition, there were several spots that need repairing or more attentions. But all in all, the road is reliable. Reaching Koh Kong, we can witness plenty types of landscape, ranging from mountainous to sea side. We can relax during our travelling hour because the scenic views of nature along the road will sap away your stresses. In past time, it is difficult and requires more time to reach Koh Kong, but the government built four important bridge to make the journey faster and easier. The four bridges are Srae Ambel Bridge, OngDong Tek Bridge, Tropeng Roong Bridge and Ta Tai Bridge.

We can say that with these four bridges, it is less costly to travel to Koh Kong as well, because there used to be ferries rent to transport us to other shore, now it is unnecessary. The road could be a long.dragging one because there are hundreds of turning point and the driver needs to have extra cautions in order to maintain the overall safety of the travel. However, there is no many accidents reported, so no need to worry. You can also rest for every time you reaches any of the four bridges, because there will be villages locate there and you can find several things to can buy.


For 5 hours of travelling, you’ll arrive at Koh Kong, a land of a new hope for Cambodia. It has several interesting areas such as the Koh Kong resort, Koh Kong Special Economic Zone, Koh Kong Safari World Prey Koang Kang and many other areas. Eventhough beach is scarce at Koh Kong city, we can access the beach through the Koh Kong resort. The beach is good enough for a good sea sight, but not for some other activities because the area is located near the disputed area and the Thai troops will not welcome any “intrusion.” In Koh Kong city, you can also find the longest bridge in Cambodia, which is 1,900 meters long and serve as a connection to Koh Kong resort. Koh Kong Special Economic Zone is the most interesting topic, because it is hinted that a Korean vehicle assembly factory will be built there, and many more to come. The Zone is the prospect of the future economic development of Cambodia and for this, Koh Kong has been considered to rise rivals to Hong Kong. The Zone is easily found, but I could not provide details about entry. One other interesting part of Koh Kong city is Prey Koang Kang, which is a mangrove tropical forest. It was initially preserved and re-structured in 1997 and in present day, it is opened for tourists and there is a handful of projects related to the area like hotels, restaurants, and other resorts. Koh Kong Safari World Is another places to visit and we can enjoy our moments with the animals.

Koh Kong, along with Kep and Shihanouk Ville, can give you all a great time with the sea and the mountains. It is also part of Cardamom Mountains and Kirirom National Parks thus nature is abundant . I recommend this place for a “getting-away-from-the-hard-day” resting visit because Koh Kong would offer us many kinds of activities and scenic views. The fresh air is also a healer of stressful head and headaches.

18 thoughts on “My trip to Koh Kong

  1. Are you trying to advertise this beautiful place for the world or just to show them how wonder of Cambodian land is ?

    I’ve never been there yet and it looks beautiful for vacation. I will tell my American friends to go there for theire next vacation. Is it safe to go there ? Do they cleared all landminds there yet ?

    I heard Samdech Hun Sen and Cambodian government have already set a contract with Ex-Thai prime nimister, Thacksin Sinavat, for developing that region for the next Hong Kong City ?

    1. Oh, let me correct you… It is the L.Y.P group and the Korean companies which are investing the land, not Thaksin. The Koh Kong Special Economics Zone will be under the supervision of the L.Y.P group, as I heard, and I’m sure there is no Thai factor over there.

      And this post is for both advertise and a presentation.

      You should visit the place i you have time, I recommend.

  2. ខ្ញុំធ្លាប់ទៅកោះកុង ៤ ឬ ៥ ដងដែរ តែដូចជាមិនសូវចាំអីសោះ ព្រោះវាយូរ​ពេកហើយ ។ ឃើញរូបនេះ ធ្វើអោយខ្ញុំនឹក​ចាំទិដ្ឋភាព​ពេលដែល​ខ្ញុំបើក​ឡាន​ក្បែរនឹង​​ធ្លាក់​ជ្រោះ (ផុតពីចំណោតតតៃបន្តិច) កាលពី​ប្រមាណ ៦ ឬ ៧ ឆ្នាំមុន ។ ពេលបើកឡានត្រឡប់មកភ្នំពេញវិញ ដល់ចំណុចជិត​ធ្លាក់​​​ជ្រោះ​នោះ ដៃខ្ញុំឡើងញ័រ ទប់​ចង្កូតឡាន​អត់ចង់ជាប់ ។ សំណាងល្អដែល​មិនអី ។ បើមាន​ឱកាស ខ្ញុំនឹងទៅ​លេងម្ដង​ទៀត ។

    1. ខ្ញុំមិនមែនជាអ្នកបើកទៅទេ តែខ្ញុំឃើញពូខ្ញុំខំប្រឹងបើកណាស់ ហើយខ្ញុំក៏គិតថាផ្លូវនៅទីនោះ គួរអោយខ្លាចដែរ ។

  3. i was interested what you said spacial economic zone in koh kong. what did they do in side? thaksin sinawatra said that place has hight potentiel economic ,for me i do not know, is it posible that it is second hong kong in cambodia. i want to know what is powerful for koh kong future.

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