A Wall and its shadow

Do you ever came to think that, in our life, there is a wall which hinders us from achieving and proceeding more of ourselves? There is, in which I believe, an obstacle which then turns into a wall. This wall maybe our habits, our environment, even our destiny. I could not say much about it, but I can feel it. Its like I’ve been blogging for many years, but I never think of myself as a typical blogger, I just think of myself as a simple do-it-for-fun one. It seems as if there is an invisible wall clouded our visions to the future and make us less aware of what is around us.

There have been many occasions lately, and it is really related to various subjects. One of them is my pursuit for a MBA scholarship, and as always the same, I sometimes feel I have got what it takes, but sometimes I feel less motivated. Does it has something to do with our past? Because I have attended many programs and I always failed in that level, the one in which they choose the candidate. There is something that keeping me away from getting the further step. I feel frustrated the last time I failed the last stage of the qualifications, and now, I have tried my best to gather all my hopes, dreams and desire to deal with the MBA application for Japan.

Very well said, but not thought. I feel really clueless when talking about research objectives. And again, I would like to bring up this topic. I really find it hard to understand how to write it, and how to make it seems clear and understandable to others, as well as how to make it qualified. I have run into many people for helps, and they have providing me such valuable advices as well as guidance, but those things are not enough for me to grasp the nature of the writing.

Am I really this suck?

Is there really a wall and its shadow?


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