Nearly the end of year!

Oh man! I could not believe that we arrive at the last quarter of the year. Time goes really fast… I nearly did not notice it. Looking at my caldendar, I know that for this year, I have more things to do before the end of year. But 3 month time should be enough… maybe, as long as I’m being myself.
Yesterday was just a flash of time, I could not remember much about this year. It really sounds like a lost of memory. Yeah, I have short-term memory. But if I want to recall what I have doing this year… I nearly could not remember all. It was like everyday was the same days, nothing really stands out.
Lols, I may have to make a report of each day then, to make sure that I am really on "schedule." Lols, but to be honest, I’m a bit lazy about this. Writing is sure my specaility, but writing a diary sounds like a girl’s thing. I’ll leave that to next life.
Well! Rite now try to think how should I end my year? Should I have a big party for that? Maybe a trip somewhere… Hmm, wanna repeat the same things 2 years ago.
Okay, let’s go.

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