Prince of Tennis

Mada Mada Dane… = You still have a long way to go.
POT (Prince of Tennis) fans would understand this phrase quickly, and even recognize the originator.
The Prince of Tennis is a manga and animation whose story reveals the journey of a boy prodigy who travel from America to Japan to find the meaning of his tennis. In Japan, Ryoma Echizen, our prince, enters Seigaku, a school famous of its tennis history. He meets many people, whose tennis skill is considerable, and most notably Tezuka Kuminitsu… Seigaku’s captain, who wants him to become "Seigaky’s pillar of support." The others are genius Fuji Shusuke, the "tensai" (prodigy). People recognized him so due to his tactical prowess on the court. His "triple counter" is what others should be aware of. Seigaku also rely on Inui Sadaharu for tennis data and knowledge, as he is called the "data specialist" having play his tennis style as "data tennis," which used opponents’ data to analyst their next move. In double, Seigaku relies on Oishi shuichiro, Seigaku’s vice captain who has a great control and patience and Eiji Kikumaru, an acrobatic players. These two forms the "golden pair" and used "synchronization" to overwhelm their opponents. In power field, Seigaku has the burning guy, Takashi Kawamura, a gentle shy man who will turn to an aggressive player once gets hold to his racket. The number two power player is Takeshi Momoshiro, with his "Dunk Smash,"  he terrorized the opponents weakness by reading their movement. The last one to fear of his Kaidoh Karou, who used a series of technique related to "snake" movement to exhausts his opponents while overpower them with his inhuman strength. But other’s tennis club also has their weapon hidden. 
His signature move is "Twist Serve," which bounces directly toward the head of the opponent, hard to return. Only a handful of players are able to deal with it. During his stay with Seigaku, he develops new skills, new techniques and new purposes for playing tennis. He faces many kinds of opponents, including Keigo Atobe, the king of Hyotei Tennis Club. Eventhough he’s quite arrogant, due to his supremacy in Tennis and English, he is loved by people around him. His ultimate tennis rival, is his own father.
Prince of Tennis is one of the most successful animation, having been rated among the top 100 anime of all time.
I have watched it, and it has lifted my spirit for tennis.

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