When will we see the light?

Suffice to say that human’s life is not easy, but when we really face that, we sure the appreciate that we at least survive.
It is not an easy task to live, but it is also not so hard to "just to live." I have been wandering in this world of darkness, and yes, it starts to consume me.
At this very moment, I’m really clueless, of what to do. I don’t know exactly who am I, and why am I here? I have lost my sight of the future and even can not even recognise my present self. How would I survive this moment?
Am I the only one? And why can’t I find the answer? When will I see the light? When will we see the light?
Please, anyone, help me answer. 

2 thoughts on “When will we see the light?

  1. i really agree with you..everythings here in the world are difficult, challenging, comfusing and sometimes it disappoint us. We need something to lean or hold or to crub on so that we can continue and overcome does things. I dont know you much but i know what you need and what you want, same as I do. WHO created us…..that\’s what you looking for….i hope you find it

  2. Thanks… the question WHO create us! its really hard to answer. Our parent, god, nature? Come to think again! I think its more than them… more than that. Anyway, you seems to be in the same problem heh?

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