F2 Forever


F2 Forever


Sometimes in our live, we realize how important our friends are to us. We live in these friendships not only that we can exchange benefits, but for something beyond any value describable. We may think it is based on our knowledge that we call this "friendship" a part of human social interaction or need, but I can tell you that it is more than words. It is the hearts which cry for the presence of other in order to warmth their soul and progress further ahead into the next stage of their life.


The 12F2’s term actually began in 2002, 7 years from today.  Our first encounter was like a normal day of our life, nothing we thought of as very much importance. But through days and days, class and class, story and story, our overall friendship has developed into a very bond that holds every images and facets of a dream team. 12 F2 has had given birth to many name such as the Power Six Group, PS News, The Red Devil FC (Not a nickname for Manchester United, but a name of an unofficial football squad), M4 and the 8Lor’Han.




On 14th June 2009, just as to celebrate the arrival of Sami Dorant, the head of Power Six Group, he himself arranged a party for every F2 class members (or classmates) at Guitar D’Amour, a local restaurant with a wide space for gathering. The party started at 12:00 noon time, which was a hottest time of the day. Yet, our invitations did not come in vain. Our friends, who ignore this supreme hotness of the sun, embrace their "F2" spirit and arrived at the venue. One by one, our very soul gathered together to celebrate the moment. There were more than 30 people attended the party. Everyone, anyone, did not change at all.


We started of by having lunch. As we have pre-ordered the food, our friends has to be divided into 3 groups. As the food were being served, Dorant presented us some images and videos of his life in America. He also showed us some pictures of Nak Ly and Sothea, two of our friends who also live in USA. After lunchtime, we held a press conference where our local friends (classmates who study in Cambodia) ask questions to Dorant. Then, to divert attention to other people, Dorant gave a chance to most of our attendants to speak their mind out. Next is video of old time presentations. Our fresh mind of this new meeting has been once again clouded by the old memory of school time. Eventhough there is no tear, but laugher shows greater appreciation.


Around 4pm, the party has been brought to an end. However, to everyone conscience, they know too well that this is not the end. Once there is a single F2 class member alive, nothing should forestall our friendship.


Yet again, there is another moment to remember. Just seeing our old friends face is enough to relive our memory in the past. Some people might say that by living in the past, we can not advance our live into a more realistic world. But without the pastime, what is the meaning of the "future?" We will look back to this date when we grow older, and we will see how much value this date teaches us. A gathering is not just a gathering, it is an opportunity to strengthen our friendship. We will live to see tomorrow, and tomorrow is nowhere near the end. F2 Forever will always live in my heart. Let’s smile for the future.


With friendship, true love and brotherhood

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