Manu Vs Barca : My own prediction

When its comes to my prediction, hmm… Manchester United is my team, so its gonna be a 1-0 win over Barca. Sorry! But history will repeat itself.
Why should I say so?
1. Manu won their second UCL cup at Barca (2-1 against Bayern)
2. We beat Barca 1-0 in last year competition
3. We won the cup last year
With all this three reasons, why should I say Barca would win? heh?

2 thoughts on “Manu Vs Barca : My own prediction

  1. Baça also wanna repeat there history in 2005 , but who know the ball is round anything can happen !I am purely fan for RedDevils go go Our Team, The boy in the Red !

  2. Yeah bro! Our team is the best now. Actually, I have seen much problem with Barca defence:- Danial Alves and Abidal surely miss the final, while Marquez and Puyol are still in doube.- We only have Fletcher suspended. But since we got lots of great midfielder, who cares?

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