Samnang Birthday "party?"

So, its another story to tell. Well! to be honest, seeing someone celebrates their birthdays makes me wanna do so. But, this year, seems like everything are in mess. Hehe, I better stay out of troubles til then.
That was on 1st January, and say thanks to MSN which doesn’t allow me to post for about 2 weeks. I don’t know the heck mindset behind dis. But let’s not care now.
It was at night that he chose to party. The way he parties, we know much… "no girls!!!" Sadly but also manly.
I forgot how old is he now, but all I remember is his birthdate. Hehe, and I was the only person to brought him a present. But who cares, person at this age doesn’t want a packed preesnt, they are more appeal to a kiss. Lolz
There were plenty of things to eat, and drink. They love drinking, me… so so. But when you are surrounded by people who drink, you must drink. That’ the principal of "drinking law."
Very much to say about this, because at night, his surrounding neighbors went into silence, and only his house produces noises. We partied till 10pm. That’s the limits for me.




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