My impression for "Where Elephants weep?"

And tell me the hell where are the "elephants?"
I attended the very first day of its "premier." It was saturday of course. I and my cousin and "Panharath" was a bit late, well! I was the one to blame… but we arrived on time to drink a glass of Champagne. We bought a quite cheap tickets :D, so we thought our seat would be at the back… but who knows, in was at the second front. ??? But let’s not care about this, we got a good location for this.
So the show started, the music started, the narrator started, the actors/actresses started… everyone was ready. Yeah, it is a "rock opera," so I expect to hear some sort of music that really hit my mind., and it did.
What I really admire, is not the story… but the way they perform. As far as I’m concern, most of them are of no Khmer ethnic, but… they acted as if they are born and lived in Srok Khmer for so long. I mean, like the actress, she stands, moves and speaks the way "real" Khmer woman does. And many other actors has the same skills.
Their voices are truly amazings, the music so too.
After the show, I got a chance to take some photographs with the actors/actresses. One of them is Khmer Pavaroti Eng Sithol.



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