Birthday Speech

A year has past and I am still Denith. Far from my original-self, I evolve to a completely different person even I myself couldn’t recognize. This is not an illusion nor distraction, it is a truth.

However, I am a person with plans. I will have to move on in accordance to what I have set. It is a path I have chosen.

Now, what I look forward to this new age of mine is the achievement in studying, degree in education certifications. Most important of all, I wish to find my right way to live, on my own. I want to be independent, not at least freed.

I am happy that I have got many friends… and everyone of them play an important role to my life. Some of them gives me strength, some gives me hopes, some gives me courage, and some gives me the reason to live. And I vow to live on, carry on and move on. This is Denith, and Denith is not afraid of anything.

With friendship, true love and brotherhood.


6 thoughts on “Birthday Speech

  1. So it was your birthday? Happy belated birthday, bro. Sorry for late as I just got back from a 10-day trip. Wish I could have listened to your speech. Anyway, thanks for the link on Kabu\’s birthday. Love it…

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