The W-Day comes

W-Day stands for "Water Festival"
So what to expects?
This year the ministry of Tourism has poured some money on mass media to attracts tourism to Cambodia on the midst of the crisis. Cambodian tourism is a huge industry for Cambodian economics development and for this country, there are still alot more potentialities within, and yet to reveal.
But, one thing is we still depends on others to help us. Many of the tourists coming to Cambodia is via Thailand. Thus, if anything goes wrong for Thailand or Thai-Khmer relationship, Cambodia could faces severe loss in incomes from tourism. The government is doing their best to reduce the dependency and they have achieved many goals.
This year, they run an advertising spots on TV, and some famous channel like CNN… to attract tourisms for Cambodia. One of them is an invitation to attend the water Festival Days in Cambodia.
So, this year would be a grand festival event and we should expect more from the occasions. Remember last year, there were some incidents and death… I wish this year would go smooths and peaceful.
Happy Water Festival Day

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