Silence in the dark

Author: Denith
The wall of barriers blocks my vision
Window of hopes lose light and sound
I am stuck in a room of destiny
Knowing no ways out of this misery
Whoever stands would ever falled,
this nature law illustrates no reasons
we are human, we have to play by its rules
no complain, no regret and no excuse.
The cresent shape of the moon has altered
The high heat of the sun has lessen
The strong wave in the sea has dismissed
So as my life, has been challenged.
Now, at this moment,
I see no new light
I hear no new sound
I feel no new hope
Why am I left in this room,
in this silence in the dark.
Who would help me?
Who would lead me?
Who would guide me?
Would god answers me
"its you"
Ever vigilant
Ever prepared
Even the room has no door
I still can break out
This silence in the dark

2 thoughts on “Silence in the dark

  1. The room with no door, it\’s gonna become as a 4 walls!
    A money-faced like you know how to write this kind of stuff?
    Well, is it all about "One Sky, One Future" of yours?

  2. One Sky One Future is one thing different.
    This kind of stuff is a bit random to me… so I dont really count it. I am waiting to read your story!!!

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