Visiting our beloved teacher for the Internationl Teacher's Day

Firstly, before starting the story, noted that it is FOR, not ON the International Teacher’s Day. We went to meet him on 4th, not 5th.
Okay, so, it was the afternoon that we gathered our friends at Paragon Super Market. Then, we set off to buy something for our teacher.
Let me introduce Teacher Keo Narin first. He is a teacher at Preah Sisowath High School, and he teaches "Khmer Literature Study." He is chosen to teach for the honored student of Khmer Literature class (one of the three) for many years, and up until now. He is very good at both lessons and essays. His essay is different but a true standard one. He is very strict when teacing, but very friendly when off-work. That is why we love him.
As the Internationl Teacher’s Day draws near, we decided to pay some tributes to him as his students. We missed him so much, and since after passing the exit exam, we never had a chance to visit him. Today is imminent.
The first thing to do is to pick something for him. It was quite a hard choice since we had only 4 companions (including me). So, we decided to buy a nice pen and a perfume. Teacher needs them.
Luckily, we got Kannitha who would carry us with her Tico to school (and that also fit for us 4 ). We arrived at school and searched for our teacher. We saw him at the same time he noticed us. From distant, he could not recall who were us, but when we came near to him, he suddenly remembered. We havent changed at all is what he told us. We chatted with him for 2 hours and mainly talk about our progress in university and the progress of the school. He mentioned alot about his former students and current students, he compared them and he praised us all. He also gave us many advices about future career.
(Left to rite: S.Visal, C. Samsokrith, Teacher K. Narin, and V. Kannitha)
Acutally, we got two intentions to visit him at school that day. The other one was to visit our old classroom. And I couldnt’ wait.
I’m coming
As I set my foot to the front of the class, images appeared. They seems as if to greed us, to welcome us home and to appreciate our love. I have seen myself back to that day, and try to think about my mistakes. I have had such a wonderful time with the 12F2, and I am going to remember it for life.
This is the place where I am:


Preah Sisowath has not changed much in structure, but changed very much in appearance. In just 4 years, the school has added new ambiences.





The most interesting addition to the school is the statue of King Javarman VII on the well. Vi

Visiting our old school, paying respect to our teacher, and appreciating our past and eduction, is the principal of living. Like history, people should learn about it, and treasure it.

We, on behalf of the whole PS Group, would love to serve the country. It is our time to.






4 thoughts on “Visiting our beloved teacher for the Internationl Teacher's Day

  1. After I moved to PP, I did visit my high school teachers only twice when I visited our hometown. Yet, the last visit was many years ago. Bad student, I know 😦

  2. If you ever visited them, then its mean you are a very good students. Many many students didnt want to visit their old teachers. You have done it right.

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