New Theme: Yellow Song

Now, replacing the previous theme: Blue Serenity, is the Yellow Song.
The Yellow Song is a dedication to the arrival of my relatives, to their home. This means alot to me… because that is another "turning point" to my life.
Anyway, I am ready for the change, coz at the moment, I also want some changes happen. There is no choice for me this time, it is just a point of time when I got to change due to the fact that I need to start something new. Well! the good thing is, the new start wont happen in this time of year, but next year, EVERYTHING WILL BE COMPLETELY NEW.
So, I will sing this Yellow Song. The color Yellow, cherished by Thai people as a color of harmony. So, I want the future change to be harmonious. As my say: "One Sky One Future," no matter how much you try to avoid it, you will face that ONE future one day.
Change is very important to me, to human. It can brings huge different to someone. I am looking forward for it.
With friendship, true Love and brotherhood

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