Cambodian film win major US award…nt_10020156.htm

PHNOM PENH, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) — Cambodian-made film "Facing the Truth" has won a prestigious U.S. film award at the 2008 FREDDIES, a press release from Khmer Mekong Film (KMF) said Monday.

Known as "The Medical Oscars", the FREDDIES Awards competition, now in its 34th year, encourages and celebrates film excellence by attracting entries in various categories from health organizations around the world, the press release said.

"Facing the Truth", which was made by KMF, is a powerful half-hour drama about the vital importance of HIV tests for pregnant women, it said.

Set in rural Cambodia, the emotional yet positive story centers on the lives of two pregnant sisters and their husbands whose unexpected test results confound all their expectations, it added.

The film, shot in and around Phnom Penh over 10 days, is being shown in Cambodian hospitals and health centers nationwide during the next two years.

The glittering awards ceremony is due to be held in Philadelphia on Nov. 14.


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