PS for Cambodia

Well! Its been a month that this party was celebrated, and I just received the picture files a few days ago. So here how it was:
NOTE: A video of the PS Group members singing Savada Khmer will be posted in the video box, not included in this entry.
We was considering plan to promote our group for the society. Yes! The PS Group is a group of elite students of Preah Sisowath High School. Thus, we want to do something for our country, just like John F.Kennedy once speak: "Dont ask what your country can do for you, ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY."
To attend the matter, we decided to gather to express our support for the listing of Prasat Preah Vihear.
However, there are more matters to address. PS Party was a chance for a re-union for old friends. Thus, that party had several meanings for the event.
We started with the usual gathering and telling the story of each of the members:
We are so proud of everyone because they have developed themselves as a good citizen of Cambodia. Of course, the PS Group produces best citizen for Cambodia. that is one of our goal.
We didnt made the party that simple. There would be new program introduced. This time, we had a lucky draw game. And guess who won. It is our newest member and the potential successor of Yan Luong’s project: Miss. Pheap.
We will be together for the rest of our life, that is because we love each other so much and that we love the PS Group the way we love Cambodia.
May there be another ocassion.

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