Don't laugh at School

This is one part of a show called "batsu downtown" or known in English as "Don’t laugh game."

This part, our four stars will attend a high school somewhere, but remember the rule "Don’t laugh."

There are 15 videos Enjoy:


3 thoughts on “Don't laugh at School

  1. Just got chance to check this video out… is it the one you always asked me to watch???
    Hahahah It\’s pretty hilarous!!! But not as much as my comedy show….
    If you have time, check this out …… my favorite videos is posted in sidebar… I guarantee it will make u laugh like hell! hahahah

  2. I think it is because you are not into Japanese culture much. If you are abit, you will understand more parts than that.
    About your achme?? hehe???

  3. Haha yeah maybe you are quite right, but not too close.
    Yeah Yeah Achmed The Dead Terrorist, Peanut and Walter. That\’s pretty damnnn funny….. hahaha

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