Red and Blue Drama

Red = Manchester United
Blue = Chelsea

Yes, MANU beat Barca to reach UCL final while Chelsea did the same against Liverpool. Now, the two are competing for two trophies: Barclay Premier Leagues and European Champion Leagues.

These two rivals has met each other in several occasion already. Last year, Chelsea beat Manchester United in the FA Cup Final but a few months later, Manchester avenge them by winning the Community Shield Cup.

This year, in the leagues competition, Manu beat Chelsea 2-0 at Old Trafford while Chelsea revenged by a 2-1 victory at Stamford Bridge.

Seems like the Rivalry, in terms of professional football framework, money power and glory seeking, between these two has reached its ultimatum.

The final at Moscow this May will be a MUST game, and the most anticipated game of all UCL FINAL.

As a Manchester United fans, I just want my team to win both cups to show them our supremacy.

Anyway, this is football, and we really can’t predict the winner yet.

Let’s wait and see.


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