Believe is such a word that imbued in my spirit.

However, I never know how to see it deeper inside my soul.

I just know its existence, its definition and its influence but I never see its in reality.

Just that night when Manchester United played against Barcelona at Old Trafford.

Before the match kicked off, the fans life up a series of paper to form the word Believe. Yes, Manchester United has been through difficult match and results lately- they may lose their title to Chelsea and may be knocked out by Barcelona. This word "believe" was there to help their spirit.

As the match begin, we see how determined ManUtd players are. I think this is the immediate effect of this word – believe.

They beat Barcelona by a single goal, and by a somewhat great margin of possession : Manu 42 % Vs Barca 58 %.

That match is a good lesson for me, in my life. Thanks you Manutd fans for this. I may believe in Manchester Forever.

Denith Raidenzar


2 thoughts on “"Believe"

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