Prize of pure prediction

Football (soccer) has been my most favourite sport ever. And I and my friends support Manchester United, which is the world richest, and one of the biggest club. Enjoying watching football is not enough, for me, I sometimes participate in online prediction, hoping to make my day better when watching the game. Of course, the closest and best way to INVEST my prediction is by Tiger Challenge, a goodwill online game co-powered and hosted by ESPN, exclusively sponsored by the Tiger Beer, one of the best beer in the world… and for football fans, a beer to be remembered when seeing football games.

And it was just another week of football action, and my usual routine to log in and made some prediction. That week was a wonderful one. Of course, I got 8/10 right prediction, which results in the 3rd winner of the weekly prized.

Well! I finally made some results… at least I got my knowledge of world of football and the flow of the games in my vision well.

It is today that the prized arrived: I personally thanks to the Tiger Beer who create a chances for football fans to enjoy their game at their best and Riley Leong (Ms) who sent the prized to me.

Nearly forgot: here are them:

I was wondering what it was when I first saw it… then I read the letter that realized that it is a shoe bags. My bad…

Right now I’m trying to think how to enjoy my prize.

Nice Jersey… of course… I rarely have a blue jersey. This shall do the trick.


5 thoughts on “Prize of pure prediction

  1. Well, that is still far better than a lot of people, and what is that black thing in the last picture, a bottle?Keep up the good works, mate!

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