Sokun Kanha SunDay Songs

These are the famous songs when she was singing for Sunday Production:

I want to type the title in Khmer but I don know whats wrong with Mistress.T today!

Tok Snam Therb Kor Bong Min Prom (You dont let me kiss you)
Kmean Sith ProKann (No rights to complain)
Somleng Sneh (Sound of love)


10 thoughts on “Sokun Kanha SunDay Songs

  1. [quote] good work oun!if free come and help cleaning bang\’s room phorng…hehhe [/quote]If im not mistaken, you are sist Somphors?@Vood: Its okay Vood. I will try to bring some more new traditional song here.

  2. Sorry, I mis-express myself, Denith. I don\’t mean the music style per se. like traditional, contemporary,or what have you. I mean I am not familiar with the mood. Your piano teacher should be able to explainmore, and you should ask him about it because it is important to know this stuff. By mood, I mean if you pretend to cry, it sounds like you crying. just like an artist does it in a movie.For instance, the phrase "I love you" can be said in different mood, it depend on the circumstance.If you tried to court girl or teasing her, you sound one way, and you can learn how they express itin a Rom Vong or Saravan Song.Now, if the girl is about to leave you, and you want her to stay, you may tell her "I love you, please don\’t leave me" LOL. in a different mood, and it will not be appropriate to expressed as they did in Saravan.Okay, now if a girl left you for another guy, you are sad and down you may yet different way like, "I love you, I bought you a car, a house, jewlery, but you still leave me for another" this is like a very sad mood, but you have to know how to make a sad voice, tone, or expression. You don\’t want to be consistently smooth like you doing the Rom Vong. When we are very sad, our voice start to break up a little because of the tear in our throat … or whatever. I hope that give you some idea of what I am talking about.Anyhow, here how Eurn Srey Mom express herself with one of our forever popular song: think she did it great with proper feeling and mood. She got potential, just like Midada, I tell you.

  3. Vood, those singers have never graduated any art degree in their life prior to the selection into the music company. I have seen only like Preap Sovath and several others who are able to show his feeling during singing. Others, they just "sing"…

  4. Degree?Denith, College is good but it can\’t turned a retard into a master. You have to be gifted to begin with.The school can only do so much for you, but it is up to individual to do the work. Take a talented boxer like Pu Thong. What degree does he has. Can any of your Phd people whip hisass? of course not. Similarly, singer is the same way. Sisamoth and Serey Sothea don\’t have degreeether, but to me they are still king and queen of Khmer music. And I am not just saying out of sympathybecause they were victim of KR either. You know me, good or bad, I tell it like it is.In any case, what you should know is people created school, not vice versa. Thus, you can\’t put schoolon top of people. First come the master, then to share his knowledge, he teach his skill to people in the school and allow all of us to learn it. But there are some Master who never when to school nor teach in school; hence, don\’t be too quick to judge based on Degree because it can be fatal, especially in thefield of combat fighting or military. Most of those masters don\’t have degree, LOL.

  5. Qualification Vs Experience has been controversy of their existence and importance. They are the most challenging argument and no one has ever point a clear domination of any of these two.You are right that the like of Sin Sisamout and Ros Serey Sothea made their way to the top of music industry without any qualification, but how many cases? Okay, lets forget about degree but turn to "qualification."You see that, in these late years, there has been many singing contests and competitions prior to the selection of a winning singer into certain music companies. Then, qualification is also considerable compare to experience.

  6. Denith, it doesn\’t matter what you called it. Just don\’t get trap under your own rhetoric.What you should know is there is a difference between being "absolutely right" and "probably right".When you assert that a person can\’t sing because he/she doesn\’t have a degree, you are only "probably right", but not "absolutely right". And to get from "probably right" to "absolutely right", youneed further verification and proofs. Otherwise, you could be wrong.In any case, the truth is we made the school first, and ancient school doesn\’t have roof and walls like we have today. It is more like a master teaching his or her skills to a bunch of people under a tree or house or cave… In essence, the master is really try to duplicate or made copy of himself. And we all know that copy may not be as good as original. Thus, judge not people by their degree, but theirtrue talent. The worse thing we want to do is to throw a real and rare talent into a trash can.

  7. PS: and oh, those who learn from original master: some of them can sing, and some can\’t but canteach the knowledge to other as a teacher.

  8. Yeah rite, there are careers which needs more "qualification" than "experience" and vice versa. And singing should need more commitment and talent rather than years of study. And it is true that sometimes they can not heritage the teaching skills from their master. But this is also "probably rite", you can\’t say people cant do it, you should say "a person" cant do it?

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