Mission Impossible IV

For boys (men), cleaning, re-decorating and re-setting up their room is a rare schedule. I know, that is what woman hates the most.

However, I am not saying that I am the exception, coz I find myself hard enough to do the cleaning: time and space.

Just a few weeks ago: my room are getting messed… messed and further messed. I got to do something.

My room is totally messed. I need to re-decorate the room: so

Work time. I have been cleaning the whole room for the whole afternoon.


Finally, man works are complex…


14 thoughts on “Mission Impossible IV

  1. Hey, when it comes to Mess, I am the only King here.And I will not be defeated that easily in this area becauseI was born as Mess, LOL.

  2. Darn, I was having fun testing windows vista x64, then I was dragged into other technical work. For a while, I thought I never gonna make it. The pressure is unbelievable, lot of stuffI didn\’t know crap about, hehehe, but I am glad it was over now.And for the last week, I was spending some times in KI media argued with a bunch ofKhmer Krom Extremists. Those guys seems like they are getting worse by the day.You know they protest against Sok An to be in the parade in Long Beach, but theydidn\’t say they were Khmer Krom, and I thought it was Khmer People who protestagainst Sok An. I know our Sok An is not a Star in Long Beach but he can\’t be that bad. Especially, he don\’t know many people there, and they don\’t know whohe is either. How can you hate someone you don\’t know if you know what I mean.In any case, I cracked the case because no one knew it was Khmer Krom peoplewho behind it, at least from the way it looks. It wasn\’t that easy for me to see it either.I got confuse for a while, but as the event continue to unfold, I managed to connectall of the dots together, hehehe.Anyway are you having fun with your new toy (laptop)? any question I can help youwith? I am not expert, but I learn a few things from testing a bunch of Vista. Unfortunately,I can\’t use it because I have too many applications. It slow down when you have too many application, but if you only have moderate amount of applications,  it is great. The nice thing about vista is its intelligence. It try to learn what you used more often and load those programsinto memory for you. And when you start a program from memory, it is very fast. However,the draw back is if you use a lot of program, it seems to take forever for vista to decidewhich one to load into memory for you. And adding more memory does help, but keep in mind that is does take time to transfer program from disk to memory you have.In any case, it should be better, but Microsoft will have to workout some bug in its intelligencefirst. The way it is, I can\’t use it, but I will continue to keep my eye on any Service Pack that they release and test it out to see any improvement.Oh, and if you have time, you may want to visit this site: http://www.boot-land.net/There is a group of people who strip program from the XP and Vista installation disk (Preinstallation Environment) and create a boot cd that can be used to run program orto repair your PC when if it crashed. I don\’t know if you know about it. It is just like you are running on vista or xp, but booted from a CD. They have different project for it. And you can install your own utility too, but there are many free program available (they calledit Plugin). The main program is called "WinBuilder". All this does is process script files that install program (or plugin) on your boot cd. I mean it write register, it copy dll or whatever needed. You don\’t have to write scrip or anything. just download and build it. I made a bootable USB stick from it, and it works great. I love it. If you study IT, you\’ll love this too, I tell you. Spread the words to your friends and let them try too. Let me know if you have question in this area, and I will try to help.Later buddy,KruSeul

  3. Ignore those losers. They think they can use their "hatred", "unreasonable belief" and "extremism" to  help change Cambodia. They have their days thinking negatively about our current progress, yet they dont know they are getting themselves depression and mind-corruption. I am really pity these kinds of people, they are killing themselves with their thought… lolzYeah, window Vista is very interesting but also very annoying. I can not install some programs due to lack of systematic support and unidentified file definition. However, i know the reason is of its high security set-up and defensive programming language imbued inside, so I am not angry at all. But, I don know why I cant type "font limon" in Office07. Can you help me?

  4. Yes, and I do have some sympathy for those losers who lost their land to Vietnam. The thing that I hate most is that they are selfish and ignorant. First of all, from the way they act, even if they get their land back, they can\’t not make it any better than it is now, but worse and there will be moresuffering there than ever due to corruption. Secondly, they had not paid a cent of tax to Cambodiafor the last 200 years, nor did they ever followed any Cambodia law since, and to ask us to riskour lifes to get back their land is just outrageous …. .And yes, some old program will not run on Vista, especially 16bit program. However, you shouldbrowse Microsoft website for available plugin to allowed you to run some of the program. I remembersome of my old help file did not ran and I got the helpfile plugin from MS website. So check with Microsoftif you must have old program running.Also, it is a good idea to remove any program or stop any service that you don\’t use. Then you back up your "C" drivejust in case the system crash; that way, you don\’t have to spend days to reinstall everything. There are lot of thingyou can do thereafter to speed thing up. I setup my sister\’s old PC with Vista Ultimate. She has a single core Pentium4, 2Ghz, 2Gbytes Dual Channel Ram, 266mhz front side bus, and it ran fine. Of course she doesn\’t have as muchapplications as I do, but some of my nephews did added games and stuffs to it, and it holding up fine.As for Limon Font, I didn\’t even tested it and I don\’t even have Office 07. I am still using Office XP, and itwork fine with Vista, but I didn\’t add any font to it. Maybe you can tell me the problem that you have with Limon Font, the more the better. I mean what font file you are using — also email it to me, how you install it, and what problem do you observe. Do you get weird characters or blank characters …?  That way I can imitate what you are doing on my PC and find a mean to correct it afterward.

  5. The only available Khmer font for typing is Limon S1. I can not use others, it show some sorts of sign on the word processor. Oh, about downloading the help files, will it cost me any cents?

  6. The only available Khmer font for typing is Limon S1. I can not use others, it show some sorts of sign on the word processor. Oh, about downloading the help files, will it cost me any cents?

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