What a day!

I woke up late this morning and arrive late to school.

 It was 8am and the school had started 30 minutes ago.  So, I thought of serving internet and wait to cath up with the latter class. I went to “Palm Internet” and checked emails, update my blogs, reply to some topics in AsiaFinest.com forum etc…

 Until this group of youth program: “YuwekJun Chnerm” or "Best Youth came and interrupt my excitement. They asked me to leave my PC and set up a stage for their competition.

The competition is something easy: to create a blog using wordpress.com.

 I met some of my friends who are the contestants of the program, and I was willing to help them.

This blog is for them, and I hope it would help them with their stage competition. www.denith.wordpress.com

 By the way, it is a stupid day for me: wake up late, got interrupted and now, work for others. I am a victim now.



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