CJCC 3rd anniversary: Fashion Show

Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Centre is the most established, recognized and famous Japanese language institution of Cambodia.
It was built in 2005 and opened for Cambodian students to acquire degree of Japanese language studying.
On the 20th February 2008 was its 3rd anniversary and various kinds of demonstrations were being produced to help celebrated. The ceremony will be held for 4 days, 20-24th (on 21st, there will be no celebration due to the National holiday).
One of them was the Khmer-Japanese cloth fashion show, in which I volunteered.
Here are some pix to describe the activities: Sorry, there are quite big pictures.

In the dressing room, they need help to put that Yukatas.

Time for the show


My turn now







6 thoughts on “CJCC 3rd anniversary: Fashion Show

  1. @Vood: They are all students… but not many Japanese people there. I think you might mistaken Cambodian as Japanese. 😀
    @K-DA: Are you interesting in Model career?

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