Studying and Sporting

and Sporting


        At the weekend, stadium is
my second, or temporary, school. Sporting has been part of my life and partner
to my studying programs. Just 2 hours – at least – of exercising a day is being
considered as my habits. There is an increasing figure of young people do
sports and I am one of them. As being of those who favour sports as routines, I
would like to share some ideas of how studying and sporting go together. This
essay will illustrate the mutual effects between these two elements of life.


            The first and primary consideration
of sporting is for health, both physically and mentally. As for physic health,
there is no doubt that sporting can provide extensive inner side improvement
and stability. Being at teenage means period of body’s biologically flourishing
through times. Thus, having sport accompanies is an absolute advantage. While
sporting will helps shape your appearance, it also controls the growing of
inner parts of body such as brain and muscle. For students, having a healthy brain
is a must. Consequently, students should schedule times for playing sports as
much as they themselves can provide. To sum up, better physical health
stability and growth lay within sporting.


            While physical health is the most
concern people care about, mental health is also essential. People do not want
to be referred to, or having, abnormal states of mind. Those negativities can
be psychopath, forgetfulness, insanity and many other references. For students,
as they still live their early life, these formidable experiences are
undesired. Advisably, to keep their state of mind as good as it is, sport is
the key, not only to maintain their mind status, but to accomplish better
mental health. Perceptibly, those above negative state of mind are mainly cause
by stressful environments. A moment with sport is a moment with meditation as
well. Thus, to avoid these abnormal mind statuses, students must apply
themselves for sporting.

            To reinforce, mental health
maintenance can be done with sporting. People do sporting in various
environment, but the common place are stadium, national park, or places with
the green environment. These places can provide people their mind refreshment,
toxin emission and help render blood’s smooth flows. My tennis weekly-practicing
really helps replenish my core concentration, as this is my personal
experience, because I play this sport at a quiet and peaceful place. I can
relax my mind and soul for the upcoming week. Students should at least have
their mind refreshed before entering another busy week of studying. Furthermore,
play sports can help improving your brain capability. As study tells, brain
power relies on human’s behaviour. Forgetfulness, brain sensitivity (easy to
cause headache when try hard think), limited perceptibility and the lacks of
creativity all depends on the people method of maintaining their brain.
Exercising does help release blood pressure inside one’s head and allow the
brain to work more properly. As mentioned above, students do need strong mental
health to acquire better education achievement. 


            To continue, as the provision of
better health being one of the greatest advantages of doing sports, the
opportunity for socialization that sporting can create also substantial. This is
an intensified measure for students. Socialization for studying is a real-life
practicing of daily school lesson. From simple discussion to demonstration to
elaboration to illustration to cultural exchange, socialization covers all the
opportunities that students seek. Sporting can be a path to this lucrative
destination. As it is widely known, some sports are meant to be a team or group
play. The existence of numbers of people doing one sport in one occasion is
considered as the existence of opportunities and hopes. For example, football,
basketball, even to individually deal game such as tennis, golf etc; does
consist of more than two players. For student current life, socializing can be
utilized as self-realization. This means student can cooperate with others to
bring the lesson comes to real-life practice through their social network which
is established upon encountering at sport facilities. A friend of mine, whom I
befriend at the tennis court, helps me with some of my homework by providing
his points of view. For instance, this essay is part of his helps. Hence, to
conclude that students need socializing and to consider sporting is the bridge
to such activities, are affirmative.


            In addition, the future also counts
on the current life of sporting. As we can see, most businessman, politicians,
and workers love playing sport apart of their daily jobs. There are large
numbers of employed people who do sports on weekend and which can be used to
support the above statement. The study tells that those who choose sports after
hard works believe in its aftermath. Businessman conduct business talks after
one hour or two hours of exercising. Politicians, at the golf course, chat
during the progress of the game. Sporting provides people fresh and refreshed
mind, which allow easy and fast thinking. Thus, having good sporting background
does help students reach their goal at ease. Last of all, the relation of
effective socializing and efficient sporting does influence the outcome of


            In conclusion, there is a saying
“study smart not study hard.” Sporting can be regarded as one way of “study
smart.” Better physical and mental health, more fruitful socialization is the
magnitude of sport and sporting, and in extension, studying. To oppose that
sporting can result in injuries, this essay would argue that light sport is for
people as young as students, as light sport has the less likelihood to both
minor and long-term injuries. Sporting and studying do have mutual effect and
the effect which is crucial to student’s success in their educational pursue.
There is also another saying “to build a great nation, one first must build
himself as great person, then build a great family, then the great society
comes afterward, and finally the nation will be at its peak.” Henceforth,
students must know their duty to build themselves a strong human, and again,
sporting is the start.


                                                                                                Phnom Penh, 20th January



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