My NEW laptop – actually FIRST

Finally, it has arrived. My 800$ Toshiba Laptop now is at my home. Its such a lovely gift. Thanks brother Bonamy, thanks my parent and thanks to Mr. Pheap to transports it with him. 😀
Here, it is, I name it: MASTER T.

Hey Bro Bonamy, this is your friend, he’s young, I thought He’s about my age. 😀


17 thoughts on “My NEW laptop – actually FIRST

  1. Hey YOU! Glad to see you get a new laptop! I definitely know how happy you are! Because Ialso have just bought a new laptop after yesterday too. Mine is HP Pavilion dv6775us…. Hey can you share me about some informations of your laptop? like Ram, Processor…..

  2. Wow, nice laptop, Denith, congratulation!As for battery life, if you run it at full speed and full-time, it will be short, but you can adjustyour hard drive and your screen timing to shutdown … to conserve battery. I forgot how to access this with Windows Vista — Anyway which Windows Vista are you running, Home,Premium, Business, or Ultimate? — In any case, you can hit the start button and try to usethe Find and Support to search for how to adjust Battery live. I would used the keyword"battery". There should be Power Setting instruction in the Help system. Also don\’t shutdownyour computer, try to use "hybernate" instead. This will startup where you left off fast andsave power. When you restart from shutdown, Vista do too many things and waste all thebattery power for nothing. Just shutdown once a week or two weeks to get a fresh restart,and that should be good enough. You will have to play with it for a while to get the optimalbattery life that you wanted.Enjoy your new toy!Later,KruSeul.Abra, …, hahaha, …, Cadabraaaahhhh.

  3. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Denith. With powerfull laptop like you got, you needto monitor the ambient temperature. If it is too hot, the hard drive and the CPUmay fail prematurely; thus, if you want to do long video processing, you maywant to lift the back of the laptop up about 2cm or so. That way, heat will notbuild up too much on the bottom of it. I have seen some gadgets on the Net thathave fans to keep the laptop cool. I think you may want to look for it immediatelybefore it will be too late. That is if you are processing data at 33% CPU power or more for a long long time or even overnight. Many of High Definition videos can take daysto complete….Later,KruSeul.Abra, …, hahaha, …, Cadabraaaahhhh.

  4. Thanks everyone.
    However, at the moment I experience another problem with this Master T. Its has Dump RAM… do you know what i mean? HELP!
    Oh this laptop:
    RAM : 2GB
    VGA : 830 MB
    Hard Disk : 160GB
    CPU : AMD 1.8 Ghz Dual Core
    OS : Widow Vista

  5. Denith, "Ram Dump" means a portion of content of Ram had been transfer to file or display for troubleshooting purpose. Windows must encounter some errors, that is whyit dumps ram content. Usually, this is just a stupid alarm and a lot of people just shut offthis Ram Dump feature. I turned mine off, but I forgot how to do this on vista, but on XP,you right-click on my computer and select "property". Then you select the "Advance"tab and click "error reporting", then you disable the "error reporting. After that, you click on "Startup and Recovery" Setting. Then you un-check all boxes and choose "none"for "write debugging information". If it is not the same way on vista, just use their help system.In any cases, I am now trying to set up to test vista x64. Once I install it, I will turn offthe stupid Ram Dump feature, and I will let you know afterward. The Ram content isfor expert only. You and me, we have no use for it.Anyhow, before you go to dangerous place on the net, you may want to look into howto backup your system first. That way, if you catch virus, you don\’t have to reinstallVista, which can take a long long time, not to mention trying to download the driver …I used Acronis11 for this. You may want to look this up on the net and download the trial version. We\’ll talk more later about this.BTW, I like your AMD processor because you can run Vista x64 and get more speed out of it. We\’ll talk some more. Right now, I want to install my vista x64 first, okay?Bye, KruSeul.

  6. Hi Denith,
    I am on Vista x64 now. What\’s nightmare? The service pack1 take over an hour to install,
    which is twice longer than the vista installation itself. You should check to see if the Service
    Pack1 had been installed on you new laptop. However, before you install this, backup your
    system first.
    Another problem that I faced was I thought I had all the x64 hardware drivers, but it turned
    out to be only for XP x64 only … ; Therefore, I still have a long way to go yet. I tested the
    XP x64, but I don\’t like it because it appears unstable and I gave it up a couple months
    ago, but it is faster than the XP x86 though.
    Anyhow, turning off the error reporting on vista is similar to Xp, but with extra step. Also
    they changed "my computer" to plain "computer" now. So, if you right-click on "computer" in
    the Windows explorer or in the "Start" menu, you\’ll see "property" as one of the choices.
    Select that to get the "system" windows. Now, select "Advance System Setting". That will bring
    up a "System Properties" dialog. And in the "Startup and Recovery" category, click "setting".
    Now, you can uncheck all the boxes in the "System failure" and choose "none" in the "write
    debugging… ". Hope that will solve it. In XP you have to do extra step as I outlined below,
    but I don\’t see it here. So try that and see if that will solve the problem for you.
    As for vista x64, it is much smooter than the vista x86. I think you will love it.
    Right now I have repartition my hard drive because my c: drive only got 15GB and it is
    almost out of room. I am going to change this to 40GB. However, before I can do this,
    I have to backup both my c and d drives partition and that will take a long long time
    because I have close to 100GB of stuffs in it.
    Last but not least, I am still learning it Vista also; thus, we may end up learning from
    each other once in a while as time required. So if you got question, just post it or email
    it to me and I will do the same.

  7. hey denith omg u copy cat ha ha ha u have the same lap top as me! same price 2 lolz but i got mine before urs ha ha ha ha
    makes life so much easier i cant tell u!

  8. Hey Mai… that is great that we have identical twin Laptop. 😛 Anyway, this Laptop is bought in December, only that it is sent to me in January.
    And Voodoo, or Kru Sel, I do know about this system failure option and mine is set to "complete dump." Some of my friends tell me that it is due to the inconsistent installment of Laptop hardware component. But according to you, setting the system failure recovery to "none" is enough. Hmm, many options to consider now. But I will try your way first… for most reason, I don\’t like to send it back to Canada and wait for months for its fixing.
    Thanks Voodoo for your help, I will try it.

  9. Hahahaha Denith! Remember you called your laptop as DAUGHTER and mine is SON! You also told me the reason, right? Well, now I wanna add more reason. At least, I got my son is a little bit more powerful than your daughter! but damn my son is younger than your daughter a day. Your daughter should call my son "brother" ok? hehehe
    RAM : 3GB
    Hard Disk : 250GB
    CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz Window Vista
    P.S. I think you RAM is enough!

  10. Oh Do you want to know how much my son costs? $1080 including tax and all-in-one-printer/scanner/copier. I got $80 back after rebate! Cheap or not? hehehe

  11. Wow, Mai was here! Good to see ya. I think our last debate on CF was on some wildlife activist dude.How everything going for you? I don\’t quite remember where you were from. Was it Washington orMelbourne or Somewhere in Australia? If you don\’t mind, help me to refresh my memory please.And wow, Panharath got a Duo Dual Core. Unfortunately, I don\’t know much about it. Can you tell me howis it, in comparison to AMD64 Atlon Dual core. I think mine is a 4200 serie at 2GHz, and so far, it ranVista Ultimate x64 real smooth with just 1 GB ram and 150GB IDE drive. The motherboard is a BiostarMicroATX Nvidia based chipset. It scored a 3.0 3D performance on Vista. I think I paid $50 for board.It has everything on it: Ethernet, Video, Sound (Standard Resolution), USB2, but no Firewire. The AMD,I paid about $80, and then I got 1GB Dual Channel Ram for about $100, and the MicroATX case for about $16 (clearance sale), although the power supply was running hot. I had to drill some holes in it to make the air move faster and lower the internal temperature, plus I have to add a hole above the AMD\’s fan and openan exhaust fan near the center of the case to keep every cool… it was a lot of mechanical work. Furthermore,I still have to add shoulder strap so that I can travel with it…, hehehe.And Denith, I just bump into a utility that is used to disable the error reporting as well. It is located in the"control panel". It is called "Problem Report and Solution". I think it is self-explanatory. Try it, and see ifit help. As I said, a lot of these info is not useful to us. It is only for programmer who wrote the program.Whenever a program encounter some strange situation it used an "Exception" routine to report the ramcontent that represent the situation to the programmer and allowed him to see if it is a problem. However,after the "Exception", the program continues to move on. As long it doesn\’t stop, you will be alright. Thus,just ignore the Ram info.Later,KruSeul.PS: OMG! I still have lot of programs to install and configured.Oh BTW, one of my Directx Audio filter don\’t install properlyin Vista x64, but I have a substitute for it. I just hope nothingelse important don\’t work in Vista x64.

  12. Hi Kru Sel! haha funny name!
    Well I dont know exactly about the different. But My bro told me to buy Intel which is better than AMD even it\’s more expensive.If you want to know more, try to check internet tov!
    Oh I got sth wrong. Mine is 1.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 dual-core processor, 250 GB hard drive, 3 GB RAM (4 GB max), LightScribe dual-layer DVD±RW drive with Quad-mode Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n); 10/100 Ethernet; Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS graphics (up to 1535 MB of available memory), 3 USB, 1 FireWire, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 S-Video, ExpressCard 54/34, 5-in-1 memory card reader includes remote control.
    P.S. So can you tell me which model your laptop is? and some more informations includes the price!

  13. All rite… K-da, your son is my daughter\’s brother than we are related.Voodoo, I have conducted a full observation onto my computer performances this late, and I noticed that there hadn\’t any kinds of "Dump RAM" occurs! I set the "Dump memory" to "small" and seems like the previous problem vanished. Surprised? Anyway, I heard my friends talk about AMD and Intel… and they support AMD more than Intel.

  14. Yeah sure! but don\’t ask my son to marry to your daughter na! my son is still young nas! LOLZ
    Intel is popular in US!

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