New Year Story

New Year Story

          I never understand why people say “Happy New Year”
and wish “Good luck to the new life and may the bad past passes away.” Maybe,
it is because I have never experienced things like this or I’ve never been deep
into the meaning of it. But, it is miracle which leads me to understand its


was invited to participate a trip to Shihanouk Ville for New Year Celebration
and Farewell Memorial Event (Of course, I won’t talk about it). There were more
than 30 people on the bus and we set off the 31st Dec morning at 8
am. We reached the beach “Koh Tres”, it is a new established one, not many
people there, but at least that’s what I like. Peaceful sound of the sea and
the rhythm of its tidal wave heal my soul the moment I visited it. The trip was
intended mainly for New Year Celebration, so everyone stayed at the beach the
whole day. At first, we prepare for the night-time party while some went to
have their moment with the sea. Me too, I swam the sea with my friends and
played various game there. Althought it is a short swimming game for me but
sometimes, it is a primary things to do in Shihanouk Ville. I got up and
changed cloth for the party. At about 7pm, well, me and my friends occupied a
board (and I don’t know what it is for), to perform a concert. A few people
watched us while some people joined the performance. That was a group
performance. I and one of the friend played guitar while other sang. It was
wild-like moment for me, because I could have never imagined I’d be doing stuff
like that. Yes, it was some kind of crazy moment I enjoyed at the seaside.
Until the mid-night, we managed a count-down and fired some small rockets for
open celebration. We danced the whole night but I was too tired to continue.
The atmosphere was great but at the dawn it was freezing, I had to get up to
warm myself. The next day we went to the waterfall on the outskirt of Shihanouk
Ville. There, we took tons of picture while, perform another concert. Everyone
there were watching us of course, but who care? This is NEW YEAR and I was
celebrating. Oh Man! That was amazing.


is why I said that now I understand the meaning of “New Year.” The minutes I
spend at the beach and the waterfall, my previous year’s memory washed and my
spirit refreshed. That night at the beach, I could have a clear view to the
above stars, and I enjoyed watching them with hopes. The air was cool enough to
calm all the hatred, the anger, the sorrow… any bad feeling. I felt myself
“wake up” and “reach” a new life. I watched the sky as it turned from 2007 to
2008 and I knew that I was watching a different sky while another story now.
New year has arrived and I have myself established for this new year. Sweet
memory dwells in my heart and sweet dreams are hold in my head. These are the knowledge
I comprehended from the trip. Happy New Year, refresh yourself and let the new
year arrives in you, your inner part. Let’s the wind washed your sorrow and
let’s the coolness help you relax.

The pictures are available in the picture box.


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