National Assembly approves the Civil Aviation draft law

Thursday, December 06, 2007
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

Wednesday, MPs voted to approve the Civil Aviation draft law, following
a 3-day debate on this issue. Section 10 of this law stipulates a
sentence on in-flight plane or on the ground hijackers to a lifetime
jail sentence. Article 58 stipulates that anyone who build or operate
airports in Cambodia without the authorization or receive the approval
from the Civil Aviation department, is subjected to 5 to 10-year of
prison sentence and a fine of 10 to 20 million riels (~$2,500 to
$5,000). Article 61 stipulates that flight captains who trespass into
prohibited zones, or into flight forbidden zones, and who did not cause
accidental deaths or material damages, will be sentenced between 1 to
3-year of jail time, along with a fine of 10 million riels (~$2,500),
should there be accidental deaths or material damages, the jail
sentence will be between 10 to 20-year.


11 thoughts on “National Assembly approves the Civil Aviation draft law

  1. What I like most about this article is that our MPs are getting more efficient to put laws in placeto support our aviation program that is needed to boost our economy and to get country out of poverty. They are not holding thing up by bickering over nonsense differences between them and hindering our country from moving forward. To me, this is an indication of hope for our people at large.

  2. We are moving forward and the PM has put his heart in the country\’s development. I hope we pass the anti-corruption law as soon as possible.

  3. Thank for the confirmation about us moving along, Denith.However, I like to say that the anti-corruption law will not be as effective as we thinkit will do for us when we have too many people unemployed, or too many people are not making enough money to take care of their family. Those type of people will behighly susceptible to corruptions. And if we have just 1 or 2 out of 10 people failed temptation, and we will end up incarcerating millions of people with that law. Consequently, we\’ll need a prison that is bigger then Phnom Penh and all sorts of polices and military to help keep order; plus, we will need thousands of cook to make foods for them … well, you know what it\’\’s like to run a city, hehehe! But man, if you ever do an estimate for this, you will see the cost to maintain millions of prisoners could easily beover a half of billion USD or so. Thus, this anti-corruption law will not really saved us any money, but to deterred a few people who has good jobs and will not traded what they have for time in jail.But nonetheless, it is good to have because it because it makes the country look good, butit will not mean anything more than a good paint job for the foreigner to look at, hehehe!However, sometime in the future, perhaps after year 2020 (or 13 years from now), whenwe\’ll have more people who made good salary, then the anti-corruption law will help deterred them from being corrupted and end up in jail.Therefore, what is important now is economic development. We have to settle all borderdisputes all around us so that we can create trading zones and develop jobs for our people, and we will need a bunch of laws for that … . We certainly don\’t want to wait another 200 years to get that done when people life are at stake. I am sure you\’ve heard of people who jump over bridge due to the lack of jobs; I am sure you\’ve heard of people whohave to rob their neighbors and got shot by police due to the lack of jobs; I am sure you\’ve heardof people who have to deal drugs due to the lack of job; I am sure that you\’ve heard of people who prostituted their body due to the lack of jobs, and the list go on and on and on, Denith. Thus, we must prioritize our duty properly and morally and take the job issue more seriously.

  4. Economic Development is really crucial for us here, but anti-corruption is far more important. I got your idea that even we make it alive, still we can not fight it because it is not the time to. But, if we keep this, how can we make good fortune out of the little advantage we have?

  5. Denith, no one like corruption, especially the violent types. It is not safe for you, for me, or anyone else.But when you have a bunch of poor people, you will have people who try rob you, scam you, …, so that they can take care of their family.  And  to make thing worse, these people have been teased with westerner lifestyle from  TV, newspapers, and magazines. Thus, many people will be corrupted. Andfor cry out loud, even teachers toke bribe and extorted money from students, and don\’t tell me you don\’t know anything about that. Thus, it is bad and we can safely presumed that at least one in ten people is corrupted. I mean they will take bribe whenever they can. And when you have 14 millions living in the country, you are looking at 1.4 millions corrupted people to be jailed. Now tell me: what is the population of Phnom Penh? Also keep in mind keep in mind that rule-of-law must applied equally to all, if you want to do it right. You can\’t just put me in jail for being corrupted and not you when you are corrupted also. Do you know what I mean? Furthermore, what you should know is there is no such thing as poor country with low corruption because corruption is naturally associated with poverty. And if you know any poor country that is not corruptedtell me, because that will be a miracle that I don\’t want to miss.So, try to do the math. Let say it cost $500 to put one person in jail. I mean you have to paid the anti-corruption force to look corrupted people, and I hope you\’ll pay them correctly so that they will notbe corrupted themselves; then you have to pay the investigator to get the evidences for the court; thenyou have to pay for lawyers to defend the accused … Thus, how much money do you need just to send 1.4 millions people to jail?Now, that you got the 1.4 millions in jail, let\’s say it cost $1 for their food, linen, clothing, …, and electricity per day, how much will it cost us for 365 days (or annually)?Also, you will need to build large prison for all those people. How much do you think that will cost?And still you have to guard all those prisoners to keep them from escaping. I say for every 10 prisonersyou need 1 guard.  Thus, you\’ll need 140 thousand guards. How much do you think that will cost annually?Once you done all that, compare that to $100-150Millions that we have lost annually and tell me how much we will save.  So can you do that simple math for us?

  6. I like your saying that "Corruption associates with Poverty." And I agree these two things are correlated. The thing I mainly concern is that, nowaday, even kids at young age (high school students) know how to "bribe" the teachers and school principals. I see this as a highly potential threat to the future development of Cambodia because our "new generation" is corrupted from this stage and seems like there is "nothing" to slow this down.

  7. Yes, that is a major concern, Denith. We must stop the new generation from going onthe wrong track, and we must stop their teachers also. Teachers who accept bride from student must be removed from the school immediately. I know teachers have a hard timewith their salary, but they should strive to wait for better days. They should not set bad role model for the new generation because this will not help their future or anyone else.Furthermore, we can\’t depend on law alone to solve a moral problem. Keep in mind thatcorruption is a moral issue; thus, we must mandate moral education to all kids early on, ifwe are to see a bright future in Cambodia. Without good moral training, no law can saved us, Denith.

  8. It is "moral vs hunger". You need to feed your hunger but to retain your moral. However, today, they have no shame to feed their hunger and ignore moral. Teachers accept bribe from students with smiley faces. Some even hints about bribing. Its Saturday and I see many students on the road. Do you know what I mean?We are not building up to something if this continues. Cambodian education is on the edge… it is a matter of time when another blow of wind comes. I say, it shouldn\’t be my concern but when, into the far future, my children comes to the earth, and happen to be in Cambodia, I don\’t like seeing them study in the "corrupted" educational system. I don\’t like "corruption."

  9. Indeed  it is a tough choices between moral and hunger, but are those teacher really hungry or greedy, Denith?Right now their average salary is about $45, and if both spouses are working, the sum will be about $90. I knowyou can live fine with less amount outside of the capitol because you can food directly from farmers at wholesale price, I mean 1/3rd or less of what they paid for food in the city.And yes, I know what you mean by students on the road partying on weekend. They are blind, and they are not aware of the tough global competition that we are in. Those people who are happy todaywill be sad in the future, just watch.And you should be concerned about corrupted teachers because they are the role model for thenew generation. If you know, for certain, that a teacher accepting bribe or extorted money from student, you should reported it to the principle and the ministry of education. That way, they willtake care of the problem. You needn\’t give out your ID if you are concerned for yourself.Again, good moral is what secured Cambodia future. Without it, no law will bring us out of the messes that we are in now.

  10. I think you have read my essays about the "Cambodian Education Depression" where I show my concerns on the cycle of problems : the students – teachers – administrations. They are "correlated", strongly bound and profoundly large. But I did not include the role of the students\’ parent, as they are also vital in changing this tradition of "falling standard." Anyway, it is true that 45$ won\’t save them from slipping into the "poverty" or relatively "poor" things, and I say WE, the people, can do little things to help it at the moment. Because, it is laid in the hands of the governmental officials, and in extension, the government itself to raise funds for Teachers salary. However, there are hundreds of teachers in the service now, 1$ increment could means sharp increase in expenditure. I just wish we have more funds.

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