Looking for a Piano

Today me and my organ/piano teacher will go look for a piano, a small one thought. My dad told me to look for a piano costs around 100 to 200 USD. So, it will not be anything big or great, it may be piano. I’ve been studying organ/piano for three months and my teacher suggests that i should get a piano since the lesson is getting harder and need a real piano (coz nowaday I use organ as piano sometimes) to practice. My dad agrees, since he got problems with the organ.

I wish i can get a good piano for me coz I want to play piano very much.


7 thoughts on “Looking for a Piano

  1. Wow, I didn\’t know you study piano, Denith. Are you good at it? For the price range you want to spend, you\’ll have to option. The standalone piano synthesizer or the plain midi keyboard that usedwindows synthesizer software on you PC.Personally, I would look for the plain midi keyboard because it  has lesselectronic in it and cost less, but I would look for large and long key length with good pressure sensitive switches. That way, you can put accent on the music…You may able go get the stand alone also, but for the price range, you might end up with low quality key that might not response well to your fingers. Maybeyou can find a used brand name like Roland, Yamaha, Kurtweil. …Good luck, Kiddo.KruSeul.

  2. I got it. I bought for 220$ plus the handies. Well, it is a good old second-hand electric piano. I\’m not good at piano but I\’m learning and keep practiciing everyday. Hopefully, I can be one of the perfectionist. 😀

  3. Wow, congratulation, Denith!Can you take a picture and post it? I like to see what you got.Anyway, I don\’t want to discouraging you from learning Piano, butto be a competitive musician, you must start at a very young ages,perhaps 4-6 years old. Aside from that, you can still build great mental and body coordination from music lessons, especially piano. If you take seriously, you can improvingyour sense of hearing, and your hands coordination. It is not so easy for the mindto control both hand independently, normally our hands tend to track and lock toeach other, and it take years to unlock it.My sister used to take piano lessons when she was in her early teen, but she\’s not that good of a musician. She can read music and play songs after some rehearsals.And when my nephews (her youngest kid) was 4, she got him into piano, and I thinkhe will be a pro when he grow up. Currently, she send him to special music school in France that only accepted gifted musician. And he\’s member of the school band andsymphony, and they toured all over France. Now he can also play saxophone, and he\’s alwaysthe top 2 students in all of his classes. It is funny. He told us that we was only defeated only by aChinese girl in the school. I mean the overall average grade. Moreover, he\’s have alsobeen interested in Science and Engineering as well, but he didn\’t win any science fair award or anything yet. I think he\’ll be a hell of a Khmer person when he finished his education. Everyone is very proud of him. He\’s our jewel of the family.

  4. I know I know, actually, I hired him to teach me to play Organ. But he insisted that I\’m more capable of playing the organ, so he teaches me to play Piano with the same price as teaching organ. 😀

  5. Sorry Denith, I don\’t know how my previous post got in the wrong thread?Anyway, yes, you should try to learn as much as you can while you still can.I can\’t learn Piano because by the time I have interested in Piano, I was over35 years old already, hehehe. I tried it for about a year and I can\’t still readmusic. So I gave it up for good now. I just play with my midi keyboard andPC software synthesizer studio once in a rare while just to make some noise,that is about it.

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