Tired of crowded tourists while visiting Angkor Wat?

Then look no further than this link.

Less crowded, more fun

It is a great time, during rainy season to see Angkor Wat without seeing lots of Korean, Japanese, ec that are all over the place.

To tell you the truth, I really dislike being in a huge crowd where I couldn’t do my own thing. It is easier to wander around, and have a look now and then, interact with the locals when there are not many people around.

Hm..this is solely my opinion, but I think the word "Angkor" is being
overly used too much. I mean, you wont get anywhere in Siem Reap
without noticing the word "Angkor" on a shop, tourist site, and
For those who don’t know, Angkor means a huge city or a metropolis. I
think personally, it came from the word "Nokor"  and "Angkor" is a
corrupted word of "Nokor". In ancient time, I believe which is my
opinion again, Angkor Wat used to be called "Moha Nokor Wat".
I heard the Siamese used to refer Siem Reap province as Maha Nakorn
which is in Khmer, Moha Nokor. That is what causes my opinion to be
this way.

Also while you are in Tee Krong Siem Reap, don’t forgot to check out the musuem. It’s new. It’s called Preah Norodom Sihanouk Angkor Museum.
Preah Bat Sihamoni took a tourto visit Angkor Wat and he personally blessed a new museum officially just recently.
The museum is 2 storey high and is close to Angkor Wat’s complex.
This museum will house many rare and fine 274 buddhist statues from Wat Banteay Kdei which was destroyed, and discovered by a group of Japanese and Khmer research team.
It will probably be opened to the public in Monday 12 November and it will be equipped with high standard security technology.

Here is the news/source to keep you reading.

"TOKYO: The Japanese-led research team found the
statues in 2001 some six kilometres (four miles) from Angkor Wat, the
former capital of the powerful Khmer empire and emblem of Cambodian

The statues will go on display in November in the new
two-storey Preah Norodom Sihanouk Museum, named after Cambodia’s former
king, team leader Yoshiaki Ishizawa said. “By exhibiting the Buddhist
statues, I hope the museum will be able to complement what is lacking
in Angkor Wat and that is to offer idols dating from ancient times,” said Ishizawa, who is also president of Tokyo’s Sophia University.

The statues, crafted between the 11th and 13th centuries and some as
tall as 1.2 metres, were buried underground after the apparent
destruction of a temple.

Looking back at the team’s moment of excavation, Ishizawa said: “Our
Cambodian members were getting a bit emotional, with their hands
trembling with excitement.”

The museum, which has 1,820 square metres (19,580 square feet) of
floor space, is located about one kilometre from Angkor Wat. The museum
will be donated to and run by Cambodia.

“What’s important is that the Cambodian people preserve these
national treasures with their own hands and proudly talk about them as
their cultural heritage,” Ishizawa said.

He said he hoped to expand the museum eventually with a library and the creation of a scholarship for Cambodian researchers.

The museum was made possible through a donation of 130 million yen
(one million dollars) by the Aeon Co., a leading Japanese retail chain."

A photo is attached to give you an idea of what a statue would look like.

By Sovanna

One thought on “Tired of crowded tourists while visiting Angkor Wat?

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